Saturday, February 14, 2009

Glad Alla Hjärtans Dag!

Happy Sweet Valentine's Day!
These are the muffins we made for Maya's class for Thursday (she doesn't have school on Fridays) . The BIG hearts were for the teachers! Maya did most of the decorating herself!
She reported that EVERYONE LOVED the muffins and that only one boy threw his away after eating the candy heart on top. Maya was also very pleased that her little Valentine cards were so appreciated as well. I'm always a little concerned how our American cultural traditions will be received by Maya's classmates & teachers. I don't want to "invade" the Swedish culture with American customs but I also want my daughter to have some of the same experiences I had growing up in the USA. Living in the countryside is different than the cities. Many areas in Swedish cities have been recognizing and celebrating Halloween as an example for a few years, but out here in the countryside about 5-6 years ago my private English students didn't know anything about Halloween (not even from movies or cartoons). So I'm always a bit hesitant about engaging my kid in these activities out here, I don't want her to feel 'odd' or different but it seems as though most people are welcome to these small gestures that aren't overwhelming or too ambitious. And Maya is a child of two cultures which is usually accepted in Sweden as more and more families are multicultural here.
My little baker girl at work.
Fabric post card from my POSTY PAL Rhonda in Texas!
Thanks Rhonda!


lizardek said...

I know what you mean about finding the balance for holiday far, our attempts with the kids have only been met with acceptance and least to my face. :)

Sandi said...

Those muffins look delicious! Valentines Day is becoming more popular over here, although halloween - not so much. Hubby took me out for lunch on Valentine's Day - we had yum-cha in Chinatown in Brisbane.

Ruth's Place said...

Thanks for posting about finding a balance for your child between the home culture and the culture she lives in. We will be in the same situation once our little one is older and it's nice to learn from others' experience.