Monday, February 2, 2009

School trip to visit Buddhist Temple

Last Thursday, January 29th, I accompanied the main Swedish teacher of my Grade 5 students to a Buddhist Temple in Bjuv as part of their religious education. As soon as we walked through the gates, we were in a different world, it seemed!
Through a Nun interpreter (Swedish to/fro Vietnamese) we learned about the birth of Buddha (shown below), how to sit properly to mediate, what different symbols are on the alter, what happens after death, meditation techniques, the most important Buddhist holidays, and many other things from the Buddhist Monk.
Beaming with joy at our visit, the Monk answered every one of the good questions the children asked of him, including a demonstration of how to put on a monk's robe! I was very proud of the kids show of respect and the quality and thoughtfulness of their questions. I'm not sure if we came away knowing more about the actual religion but we certainly had a brief glimpse into something very different than what we are used to in a church setting. I think it made the children even more curious to learn about Buddhism, and me, too!
Look at these beautiful prayer flags and decorations ... I was already thinking how I could make a small version!


Sandi said...
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Sandi said...

I love the entrance gates to the temple. Looks like you all had a great time there. We have a buddhist temple not far from our town. Their monks wear orange robes. We sometimes see the monks shopping together in town.

Caithlin said...

Hi Carol,
I also went to the sane temple as you
went to and I was one of the best ones that medatatated. I hope we can see you again soon!
Have fun,