Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Projects & Plumbers

Six year old Maya's first completed sewing project! She made this at "Fritids" the After School Care at her school in Sweden. Isn't it cute? This has inspired her.....So I showed her my first sewing book (I think I only made one or maybe two things from the patterns when I was a kid). I bought it at the Book Mobile in the early 70's. (Remember the Book Mobile Sales? do they still have them?) She picked one of the most "difficult" projects to start with....so that means it's mostly MY project. She has stuffed some of the body parts and will paint the face. We'll see what else.... Together we read this part about "PATIENCE" & "MISTAKES" and discussed what & how that applied to her project! She was really getting pushy about it so I was happy to see this page at the front of the book. It's a little hard to do many things at once, especially when Mommy has tonsilitus and really doesn't feel good! And the plumbers were here today for the bathroom reno....these guys are great! The only plumbers in our town of 8,000 and I feel like they give us special care and treatment. But I know others folks in town who think the same thing about these guys! They'll be back later....after some other stuff is done! And somewhere between tonsilitus naps, Maya's projects, plumber & electrician work, making dinner and walking the dog...I've managed to get some work done on this little baby quilt from my 1996 WISP! (work in slow progress) It's a little odd pattern...but remember I had a stack of these triangles cut for just one quilt and I divided up the group to make two similar quilts for twins...the mostly green one is still in pieces but soon will be an official top! I plan on getting more WISP finished this month for the CHALLENGE! To encourage my progress some...I've joined the Easter Swap (click on my side bar Easter Bunny for more information if you'd like to join). Some of my WISP's (circa 1997?) are fabric baskets for Easter....hopefully I can finish them in time for that Easter Swap!


Brenda said...

Sounds like you are so busy with everything going on around you, do not forget to get rest and take care of yourself! I hope that you feel better soon.

I think Maya will be a great sewer...even if she already is impatient and makes mistakes. Are those not the two key ingredients needed with quilting? LOL.

Your quilt is pretty, I have always liked pinks and yellows together. Have fun.

Sandi said...

Lots happening at your place. Great to see Maya trying her hand at sewing. Maybe she will make some little quilts one day.
You will have to show us the progress on your new bathroom.
The baby quilt is lovely, nice soft colours for a little one.

Helena said...

Hon är duktig din dotter! Det är så roligt när de vill sy. Josefin håller faktiskt på med ett lapptäcke just nu.
Härligt med bra hantverkare, vi har haft rörläggare här som bara krånglar och aldrig kommer.
Lycka till med baby-quilten, den har så härliga vårfärger....kommer att bli jättesöt!
Och du...krya på dig!

DaBookLady said...

you have been busy..where do you find the time to make PC? Thank you for yours I loved it! ...what an interesting field trip...