Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Winter fun

It's "Sportlov" (sport vacation) in Sweden this week...many families take the time to travel to places where they can dedicate the week to the winter sports. Since we are doing the bathroom renovation just now, it's not a good week for us to leave town....so just luckily we have a gorgeous covering of snow to enjoy this week before it melts. I'm not very good at skiing but I really enjoy it...like hiking with more balance. I'm getting better at it and fall a lot less now.
Cross country skiing self portraitAs you can see from the tracks, there have been quite a few others out skiing and playing golf during the weekend. Our dog, Pepe, LOVES to be in the snow! It's hard to image him being originally from Florida! Maya does pretty well on the skis...only fell a couple of times and she likes the small hills. This kid is not a dare devil!

Basil thinks the tracks are just for him!

Please, let me in, I"m cold!

This is a cinnamon SLUG...it was supposed to be about 20 cinnamon buns but while I was reading the instructions in Swedish, I was also having a heated discussion with my husband about the bathroom renovation in English. Not a good combination...so I ended up putting in 3 cups of water instead of 3 decileters. (over double the amount of water) ...so to compensate I added a lot of flour but was unable to roll out the dough properly. It still tastes good! Reminds me of those apple fritters from the doughnut shop.
Been working on some sewing projects...will show posts later....I'm ready to start machine quilting the twin baby flannel quilts today. I've never done it "properly" but I'll take a deep breath as I begin using the new "walking foot" my brother brought me in December. And my fabric post cards are ready for mailing today too...but I can't find my plastic bags for them! (just like Vicki couldn't find hers!)

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Sandi said...

Skiing looks like fun. Funny how the 'bun' turned out. Your family might want you to make more cinnamon slugs :)