Wednesday, December 10, 2008

December stitchings, anniversary and Nobel dinner....

Greetings from my Fabric Post Card (FPC) Group have been arriving...first was Brenda's little tree with beads! Love the zig zag tree!
Next came Debb's colorful fall theme with mixed materials! Clever!
This week arrived Debb's Cute Christmas tree card and Rhonda's fuzzy stocking! Thank you, my friends! I'm not sure if I'll be sending out mine for December but I'll try.
Started the project for my mother with Maya's bird drawings and fruits & seeds for the birds! It looks fabulous, if I can say so. I liked this one much better than the other one...I think the simplier designs worked better. I'm almost finished just want to get some advice about corners from a friend at work, then I'll show it to you!
Last week Bo and Maya gave me 3 bunches of tulips to say "Happy 9th Anniversary in Sweden" on December 3. Wow...nine years, can hardly believe it! I should tell more about the night I arrived but that can wait until another time.
Today is the Nobel Prize Day, December 10. We usually watch the ceremony, the dinner and the entertainment show. It's like watching the Oscars of Academics! The prize ceremony is always special and interesting to learn about the winners' work. And the dinner decor and food is to die for! The Royal family in their full regalia, famous Swedish and international scientists, authors and politicians are all eating dinner & later dancing in the Concert Hall in Stockholm. It's extremely fancy and very impressive to see! What an honor to receive such an award!


Natalie said...

Happy 9 years!!! What a thoughtful husband. Your postcards are so FUN!!!
I have racked my brain as to what to put on the GHS site...I am SO SORRY I can't think of anything. I thought it was brillant to ask who would be home...made me want to go. PLEASE let me know once you make your plans to visit and I will try to go when you do. I really want to run the Disney marathon but it always the First of january...I think I'll run it in 2011 because Josh will be home and Spencer will be about to leave and that would be a fun family vacation and maybe some of them will join me in the run. But I'll start saving my pennies for when YOU go....

Kelly Sue said...

What a wonderful husband and children you have. You know what I get from mine. And this is our 10th WEDDING anniversary! Love your postcards.

Rhonda said...

Hi Carol. Glad the postcard arrived with little fuss. My blog has a story about the things I go through to mail those little babies.....LOL
Take care and have a great Christmas.