Sunday, December 21, 2008

Uncle Tom visits

My "little" brother is visiting us for 2 weeks....and it's so nice to have him here! Maya just LOVES him!
Tom and Dad went into the forest with Maya to cut down a "Charlie Brown" tree for her bedroom. She was thrilled and carefully decorated it with unbreakable ornaments and easy to turn on (not plug in) lights. She also made a sign that says "Don't forget to water the tree" since I told her it would be her responsibility to keep it wet! The star Maya made took some cardboard, paint, scissors and some patience to get it just right!
Tom is willing to be put to work doing about anything! Helpful guy! Here he is doing something very Swedish...putting together IKEA furniture! But his visit is not all work....he spends a lot of time with his favorite neice! Much to her delight! Shouts of "Uncle Tom, Uncle Tom" can be heard all day long! And I've been replaced as the bednight story reader...first by my mom and now by Tom! We have to make up for all the times we aren't together!
Last night we played a good game of Pictionary with Maya...she's such a good drawer and our team won! (Mom read her the card that said what she was supposed to draw and we skipped the really hard ones like "lurch" and "bargain".) Another game tonight....

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Sara said...

It is so wonderful to have family around. Glad Maya is enjoying her time with her uncle. I am sure these will be special memories for her!