Tuesday, December 2, 2008

GATORS gonna beat 'BAMA

You may or may not know this but I am a University of FLORIDA GATOR at heart! I didn't go to university there but I grew up in Gainesville and my father taught at the university for 30+ years.

Well....now you know and so with that knowledge you'll surely understand if every now and then I get a little bit EXCITED about this American College Football team! They are on their way to the South Eastern Conference SEC again this year in Atlanta against Alabama...hopefully going all the way to the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP (again- 1996 & 2006). My cousin Wendy's daughter, Meghan, is one of their sport medicine staff! So my family is a little proud of that too! Sometimes we see her run out on to the field!


This weekend they are going to BEAT Alabama! And I'm going to watch it on TV! You don't know how exciting this is for me! We just bought a flat screen TV for our summer house and cable channels (which went totally against my principles of having a TV at the summer house at all). But....I gave in because my hubby said we could use it to see our zillion digital photos and home videos because you just plug in a memory stick right into the TV! Cool. So I wasn't so excited about the channel thing...until today when we installed it and I saw UCLA vs. Arizona St play just for a bit (wasn't interested in the actually game), then it dawned on me that I can watch FLORIDA Football on it too! YYYYEEEEEEHHHAAAWWWWW!

OK you 'BAMA fans out there....wanna come over and watch with me!? Cause you're gonna get CHOMPED big time! You know who I'm talking about.....


Sara said...

I have to say that I am not a Gators fan, and will be rooting for 'Bama. Sorry, but I would still be glad to watch with you!

Kelly Sue said...

OOHHHH Carol thems fightin' words!!! Roll Tide Roll!!!!!!!! But of course Lynda just says 'Duh of course the Gators will win! I am dusting off the girls Crimson Tide cheerleader outfits. Meet you on the 50 yard line girl! Love you. K