Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Fun Ornaments

Each year we are in Sweden for Christmas we have a real tree in our living room. As we unpack the ornaments, I am reunited with memories of our travels, family, family and even my former students. Each ornament tells a story about a person or place. Some day , I keep saying to myself, I will document them into a little book for Maya to have after I'm gone so she will know how many of the ornaments were acquired. This one is from Köln, Germany (Cologne in English). Isn't the angel semtress cute? I got this one and the next two during our trip to visit Bo's brother, Ulf, who lives outside of Köln.
Can you believe it? An ornament of fabric stash!
And a little Santa wood worker in honor of my husband's hobby!
Some of my favorite ornaments are these handpainted wooden figures from Russia. I purchased them in 1997 while visiting my dearest Peruvian friend, Giannina when she lived in Moscow. The details on them are incredible! I have a whole set with men and women holding food, instruments, toys and animals. (The glass ball behind her is from Bo's mother...she gave it to him when he moved out of their house when he was a young man.)
My good friend, Justinian, made these for us a few years ago. What's so amazing is that he stitched them entirely by hand...no machine, just glue and thread. It took him a long time!

Later I'll post more about what's been happening over the holiday.

My brother left for Florida yesterday so we're a little sad, especially Maya. She loves him so...her favorite uncle! But now it's back to reality! Time to put the presents away...and get ready for New Year's Eve! My parents will be here a few more days but will leave before we return to school so that will give us some time to readjust our schedules again to more normal hours. We've been rather upside down for a week or so...going to bed very late and sleeping very late. Easy to do when the days are so dark anyway!

Hope your holidays have been relaxing and healthy!


Brenda said...

A wonderful collection to save and cherish every year. Thanks for sharing. I wish you a Happy New Year!

Sara said...

Great collection! I love them all but my favorite has to be the fabric stash!

G'G'ma said...

My favorite is the stash ornament too!!

You are very fortunate to be able to see your family so often. That is wonderful for Maya too.

Thanks for the prayers. It is going to be a long haul for Missy but so far all the steps have been forward...none backwards.

Everyone enjoyed all the Swedish food Christmas Eve. Of course all the kids have grown up eating that for Christmas. Everyone has their favorites. We had leftovers 2 days later when my brother and SIL came from MN.

Lori S-C said...

Beautiful tree, ornaments, family together! Wonderful to share your life!
I used my keen eye to scope out your tree and was dissappointed not to see even one porcelain hand holding a lovely red rose! Where did they all go?

Carol in Sweden said...

You know Lori, I kept some of those!
They are in my basement...a pair of love swans clock - my favorite! and some others...the rest I photographed before I moved or took video tape of (if they moved on their own)...it broke my heart to part with them! I don't get nearly the same type of gifts given with that TOTAL excited devotion! Should have brought a hand vase here though..would have made a cook Halloween decoration!