Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bathroom renovation project

After nine years of living with this ugly's finally OUT! I'm so excited and happy with my husband for getting everything ready for the tile guy! Bo and my father-in-law took out all the white/blue cabinets last weekend. We are almost done taking off all the ugly plastic wall paper and blue vinyl flooring....the sink, shower, toilet and bathtub are gone now. Monday the dry wall will go up. Bubble girl will miss her "happy splashy bathies" for a month or so....but then she'll be able to have them again in a gorgeous new room with Mexican tiles and sink, new cabinets, toilet and's going to be so nice! And I'll treat us to new towels, too! I haven't bought new bath towels in 20 years!
Busy with my Gainesville High School 30th reunion preparation! Starting early to hopefully be in touch with as many as possible from my graduating class of over 300 people! It's been so fun to discover "old" friends! If you haven't tried Facebook...I recommend it, especially if you have a lot of time to waste! HA HA It's addictive, I tell you! No wonder the young kids are into it!
This is my Soccer Team (football) jacket...I can still wear it although I don't. I loved practicing with my team several times a week in high school...I wasn't very good at it...I don't like to run that much but I am quite a good kicker! Actually, I enjoyed the practices more than the games...too stressy! I loved the comradship during field time and locker room giggles! If I could I'd still play, just to participate in the training sessions.

Did any of my Quilter friends play in High School sports?


G'G'ma said...

Looks like progress is really being made on your bathroom. Soon!!

My g'son signed me up for facebook!? Unless one of the kids writes on my "wall" I feel like I'm being a "rubberneck". That is what people used to be called when they listened in on the party phone line.

mbduke said...

Can't wait to see the finished bathroom. Mexican tile is sooooo beautiful. I should know. I've seen lots of Mexican bathroom. :)

Sara said...

Ooohh, the new bathroom sounds like its going to be really nice. You will have to keep us updated on it! I just had my 15 year reunion pass and I don't remember that we even did anything. I marched in the band during high school, all four years.

Amanda said...

Won't it be great to get your new bathroom. We had ours done about two years ago and I still go in and think of it as our new bathroom. I love it. I look forward to seeing some pictures of the progress.

Vicki said...

Hi! Another High School Band geek here! I was a flute/piccolo player!I still have my flute, but don't play it very often. Can't wait to see your bathroom finished. I gutted and re-did my bathrooms in my last house too. I'm sure you will love it!!

Also, I need to let you know that I received your postcard. Love the angel kitty cat! Thanks so much

holly said...

Wow 30th reunion. You definitely don't look old enough for that.

I got my postcard. It is so cute. Thanks a ton. I am mailing some out on Friday.

Can't wait to see the new bathroom.

AsifRashid said...

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