Thursday, April 2, 2009

No fooling about on April 1

A busy day!
By the light of a glowing candle, we woke Maya up with the Happy Birthday song ! She was VERY pleased! She dressed as an "Easter Chicken" for the school Easter activities. (I didn't get a photo of her.) Her costume was a big hit in the class...wings, tail, beak and mask! She celebrated her birthday with her classmates with chocolate ice cream sticks!

I won't tell you about all my aches and pains....but I did spend a lot of time sleeping again on the sofa in between wrapping Maya's gifts, opening my mail and talking on the telephone. The weather was so wonderfully warm that we ate lunch in the Florida room! Nice! (Florida Room is a glassed in outdoor room.)

After all the phone calls I received today, I don't feel neglected quite so much by the medical staff at Helsingborg Hospital! Let's see...yup, I talked to about everyone involved with my case at the moment except Dr. Soft Swede.

Here are the summaries of the conversations:
Dr. Blue Lagoon
- he is concerned about my high infection rating on the blood test I had last Thursday, possible virus? or? wants to do another test on Friday...probably why I get fevers and hot sweats.
- some of the pain I am feeling could be a gall bladder spasism but he would have to do an ultrasound on me to tell (no conclusive decision was made about this) he'll check me out on Friday
- wants to SEE me on Friday to see how I'm doing in general (have I gone looney yet?) - I forgot to ask him more I asked them when I spoke to the Nurse Petra later in the day for her to ask him....darn it.

Nurse Petra
- appointment for the liver biospy is April 15 (oh my, 2 weeks!) She was disappointed in the time but tried to keep me optimistic about it. I will be there the WHOLE day and until after dinner but not over night, mostly in a bed.
- asked for practical stuff like the paper work to send to the Swedish insurance so that I get my salary during this time off
- need to keep focus on my weight and strength

Dietician Albin and Nurse Marita

- both were very pleased that my dad is making me veggie juice everyday to drink!
- both were very pleased that we are growing wheat grass for me to drink...full of good vitamins and minerals
- emphasized that I need to eat cooked meals, chicken and fish, lots of veggies and fruits.
- I'll be getting a prescription for the protein drinks to pick up at the pharmacy in Perstorp, need to continue to drink 2 of them a day
***I liked both of these people very much...both were really upbeat! Dr. Albin even laughed!

I remembered to tell both the Dr. Blue Lagoon and Petra that I want them to call on my house phone first since it is the most reliable way to contact me! Mail lady is great...she beeps her horn for someone to come out to collect my packages (instead of us having to retrieve them from the PO). I'm so spoiled! Look what I got today! Thank you to Betty for the crafty equipment holder! It will go with me to the hospital! (I might ask Maya to draw on it with fabric paints to brighten it up, I agree with's a little boring but practical.)
Thank you to Tree, Larry and the kids
for the BEAR HUG! She slept with me today! So soft! LOVED the photos of your beautiful children!
Thank you Doreen
for the WAIT book! Started to read it already! The words speak right to me! Lots of lessons in there!
Thanks Holly
for my Posty Pal fabric card! HUG! Perfect for what I need now!
Thank you to Karen in Australia for the pretty, cheery scarf and fabric snips basket! So thoughtful!
Birthday GIRL!
Gosh, she looks like a seven year longer my baby! She got two Peruvian embrodiery pieces from my many of you who know me know, I was born in Peru and lived there until I was around 4-5 (we travelled back and forth). The yellow, wool skirt Maya is wearing is one of my "cholita" skirts! (from the Andean Indians) It's beautifully hand- embrodiered in thick wools. It's so wonderful to see Maya wearing it with such enjoyment! She really appreciates the workmanship on it! (and it is a perfect yellow color for her chicken outfit!) King Pappa helping Princess Maya into her "click clack" shoes!
Heaven! Maya got one of her birthday wishes! First pair of "high heeled" shoes!
Another birthday wish was spaghetti and meatballs for dinner! Here she is talking to Uncle Leif and continuing to stuff her face with food! What a mess! (Fanciful pin from Helen and John! Thank you!)

Tomorrow...Kelly Sue is taking Mom and me on a road trip to a magical shop....I'll take my camera along to capture the moments!
Happy for another day over and one less day to wait!


mbduke said...

Happy Birthday Maya. She looks so grown up in those high heeled shoes, and the expression on her face is priceless. Glad you were able to talk to your doctors. Ask ALL your questions on Friday. Good Luck!!! We pray for you every day.

sam said...

Emmy says "Love the shoes" Just to warn you it started like this with Emmy. First some glittery shoes, then a slavish attention to hair accessories in middle school. obsession with Teen Vogue and plans to be a fashion model/designer. In Washington we call this "mission creep"....Jose calls it "scary".

I am happy you are another day closer to beating this thing.

Amanda said...

Hello Carol, I've only just got round to catching up on all your postings since we moved. What a frustrating time you're having, you must be finding it so difficult to understand WHY you have to wait for all these tests and appointments. But what a wonderful family you have, supportive and encouraging and able to find things to laugh about. You probably don't have the energy, but when I get a panic attack I find that sitting at the sewing machine mindlessly sewing strips and squares together really helps. Can you sew lying down I wonder?