Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Three good days in a row!

Today I can say that I think I've finally gotten my pain in control...after 3 days of "wake up feeling good" (not pain free, but MUCH better than thinking PAIN from the moment my eyes open). It's much better when I take my medicines exactly every 6 hours rather than waiting for the pain to begin and then take them. Someone (and I don't remember who) told me that was the anticipate when they would start and jump on it before the pain got worse. I can feel exactly when the medicine starts to wear off at about 5 1/2 hours, so I lay on "my" couch (nest) and distract myself in some way (embrodier with iPod- music or story/look at magazine/read a bit of a book/play or talk with Maya or someone near by) then I slowly eat something before I take the new set of medicines...sitting up. (Bo is very insistent that I SIT UP) Then I snooze on the couch another hour (sweating and having hot spells) until the new medicine kicks in. After that...I'm good to go again! At night I find it best to take my first round of pain killers at midnight (after eating a bowl of Quaker Oats instant oatmeal-yummy flavored from the USA), those meds keep me relatively pain free until about 5:30-6:00am, then I wake up eat a digestive (like a graham cracker) to take the 6 am dosage, sleep (and sweat) until 7 or 8 am...then I wake up "feeeeeeelllling GREAT" (remember Tony the Tiger?). It's wonderful to wake up that way without any organs screaming bloody murder at me!

This is not to say that I am completely pain free....because "it" is always there reminding me. Like when you are pregnant and you know little sweet baby is there...but this is the opposite because it is not a good, warm's a hard, tight, jabbing "I'm ready to gobble you up" feeling.

Anyway....we got good news today...TOMORROW is my MRI in the Angleholm hospital. I'm 'fasting' today, just clear liquids and my protein drinks. I'll be in the MRI tube from 30 minutes to an hour. According to the letter I received, I can take along my own CDs for them to play for me! good! My mind has come up with a list of topics for me to think about in detail while I'm in the tube as well so I don't get freaky claustrophic while they are photographing me.
Some of the topics are:
- remembering and describing little details of the exact route from Gainesville to Crescent Beach, Florida. (ex: Putnam Hall-count the people at the corner, Melrose-wave at Natalie's house, Hastings-stop for fresh veggies & Blue Chips, Palatka-stop for Dairy Queen frosty & gas, etc.)
- plan out Maya's bird party (already have the ideas but need to put in order)
- think of changes for my garden (think about what's already planted and what it will look like this year)
- design next quilting project
- image myself cancer free!

In the post today I also got the information about the Liver Biospy (capital letters as this is the BIG one!). On the 15th of April (next Wednesday) I have to be at the hospital at 7:30 am for blood tests but the actual appointment isn't until 10:00. I will be in bed all day since this organ is rather bloody and it will be well monitored for leaks after they puncture it! Unfortunately, I counted out my menstral cycle (I'm Ms. Regular-to-the-day) and wouldn't you know it...piss off if I'm not starting my period that same day! Thank goodness I will be on heavy duty anethesias!
(the spell check on my blogspot doesn't do you spell that word?) When it rains, it this case, bleeds! (sorry guys!)

All of a sudden I feel like things are moving faster and a week doesn't seem so long anymore...I'm holding my weight more or less steady. I feel stronger and calmer. (I do cry a little every day though but not much.) The sun is shining! I have many events to look forward to in the next couple of weeks. I feel the love and support of everyone who knows me around the world! My battle amour has been polished and I'm READY TO FIGHT!

Later today I will post some fun photos about our outing to the summer house and my surprises from the post box from Tuesday and Wednesday!


Amanda said...

It's so good to hear that you're coming to grips with the pain medication now, that will make you feel so much more positive (not that you aren't already of course, but pain can wear you down so). I've had two head down MRIs and haven't found them too bad - I have classical music on and close my eyes and just relax. In fact I dozed off on both occasions! So, lots of luck with it.

dabooklady said...

Glad to hear your feeling a bit better with the meds...I am thinking of you and hope things continue to get better..I am not one for MRIS either...but I like th eclassical music idea...

mbduke said...

Great ideas for getting through the MRI, especially the music because you will hear some loud pounding. Keep your eyes closed and your music loud and you'll be fine. Not only is your spell check not working, but they seemed to have imposed a word limit on your post. It ends in mid sentence. Or maybe you were trailing off into a daydream.....

Patchwork Penguin said...

You are amazing!! Everytime I feel overwhelmed I think of you and everything you are facing and the fact that you are find the joy in every day........ well, bless your heart.

You are an incredible lady!!