Monday, April 6, 2009

Saturday April 4

Maya's Family Birthday Party
Our Guests: the Nilsson Family (Farmor, Farfar, Leif-Bo's brother),
the Doughty Family (Mormor, Granpa),
the Carlsson Family (Sophia, Caithlin, Kelly Sue, Peder)
and the Paerregard-Torres Family (Ana Maria, Karsten- from Copenhagen)
What a day it was with cake, Polly Pocket frenzy, Littlest Pet Shop dreams come true, West Dean Art Institue presentation by Ana Maria (one of my "crafty" idols), delicious dinner, and GREAT company! I was able to do some resting on the couch during the party...see my new slippers that Ana Maria made for me?
Mom, Dad and Karsten/Dad, Leif, Barbro & Bo/ Caithlin and Maya (Kelly Sue background) Every year since Maya was 3 she has designed her own cakes for me to make for her theme parties. This year she has choosen a "bird" party. (Her 'friends' party will be all about birds but the family party only has a hint of it.) She drew the design for the cake a few days before as you can see in the photo however, this year I wasn't able to cut the cake into the form she designed but we settled on just repeating her design on the top of the cake. Unfortunately, I was having a great deal of pain Saturday morning and had to rely on my Mom to frost the cake first, somehow I was able to force myself to make the decorative frosting with the colors and squeeze the design out. It looks better in the photo than in real life and Maya and I had a great laugh over it. She is very accepting of my limitations now. By the end of the evening I was exhausted but it was well worth the happiness the day brought my family, and especially to Maya! To be able to sit/lay down and chat with my family friends was uplifting for my soul and spirit! Thank you all!


Helene M Mikell said...

wonderful post, Carol! Such a nice party...please say 'hello' to your parents for me. Maya looks like she had a great time..

mbduke said...

That looks like a wonderful party. Love the cake design. You copied it well. Maya reminds me a lot of Erin. Since they're only a year apart, they are into the same things.

Anonymous said...

Hola Chica!! I have to tell you, this is the first time ever that I have read a blog (anyone's blog!!). Sorry, but I am not very tech savy - thus I tend to stay away! But, I am extremely happy to have read yours - I read through several days!! Maya is beautiful and looks like a little lady princess! Please tell her Happy Belated Birthday (April 1, right?)! I continue to send you warm wishes, thoughts, and prayers! You are STRONG so keep up the fight! And, remember, you will not be challenged with anything that you can not handle-HAVE FAITH! Love you and hope to talk to you soon, Maribel (California)