Monday, April 6, 2009

Wheat Grass Power!

After the visit to the doctor on Friday it was time to harvest, grind and drink my first shot of HOME GROWN WHEAT GRASS! We mixed it with a bit of cranberry juice to make it a little less grassy, however I still felt like a customer at a cow bar! (Imagine a Gary Larsson cartoon...Carol with a bunch of heffers at a farm house saloon! Bar tender: "What'll you have?" Carol: "A Cape Cod Meadow shot! Moooony thanks!" ) Cape Cods are one of my favorite drinks...cranberry juice, vodka with a splash of lime. I'll have one as soon as I can! In the meantime, I'll be doing shots of wheat grass! The more I have them the more I like them! They are growing on me! (pun intended)Mom insisted that I be in the photo....I don't have on a bra so I'm holding my arm in a funny way to cover up my floppy boobies. At night I often take it off because it sits right at the bottom of my rib cage where one of the liver tumors is located so it can be rather irritating and constricting. Between the weight loss, lack of excercise and gravity I'm afraid some parts of me are sagging much too quickly!

Has anyone else tried wheat grass shots? It's not just for cancer.

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Anonymous said...

Carol - have finally connected on your blog and tried to read a are a remarkable conversationalist - involving others in your narrative and sharing the information and feelings that are so difficult to think about. Your artistic being creeps in at important times, too! DIck and I send you lots of warmth and love....and are convinced that with all you are doing - and the positive living and good family health stock you come from - combined things will work for you. The best part is that you have fine doctors who also communicate....and the confidence to follow their lead. AM sad you are having so much pain - can't imagine being in that situation.....and so you muct have lots of patience, as well. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK! Big hugs and lots of love, Sally

AM not sure you will receive this -cvan';t seem to send it without logging in somehow. Hugs.