Saturday, April 4, 2009

Visit with Dr. Blue Lagoon

We went to visit Dr. Blue Lagoon today...all other doctors and nurses had already "left the office" by 13:00! He was the only one there waiting for us. Reminded me of the dedicated teachers who stay behind to have "just one more" parent-child meeting on a Friday afternoon. He was there because he wanted to see me and he was willing to stay as long as we had questions to ask and things to discuss. Today he smiled more than once during our talk but for the most part he was very professional and nuetral, as he should be. I'm too tired to write more tonight but I can tell you that Bo and I both felt a LOT better after our 1.5 hour chat with him. He listened to my lungs, which I had had some worries about and he felt around my stomach for all the painful spots. Everything normal for a person with 3 tumors on her liver! Low nightly fevers (38-39 oC), furious sweats after medications that last for an hour, and increased pain in my abdomen are normal for me. He did recommend one more painkiller which helped a lot today! (just a high dosage of ibprophen in between the other pills) The mind is a powerful muscle, he reminded me yet again, I must use it! Keep positive and use the waiting time to my advantage!

Big day tomorrow...Maya's "family birthday party"! More about that later! Betsy- I will buy the Qigong dvds tomorrow over Amazon! Looked them up now and found quite a selection. Chose the ones by Gaiam. Thanks for the push! ALOHA!

Natalie- these people in the hospital already know me...from the dietician's secretary on the ground level to the nurses up in the cancer unit on the 3rd floor...I've spoken to a few on the phone and today I got the "Are you Carol? nice to meet you in person" chat! Felt good! Can tell they all want a positive outcome for me!

Wishing all my colleagues and friends a GLAD Påsklov!
What gorgeous weather we will have this week!
Hug yourself and your families!
Be Healthy!


Natalie Harris said...

Can I just say ...WOMAN! I LOVE YOU!!!!! I am reading everything I can get my hands on on are already doing all the right stuff...had to laugh this morning and wonder if it was to make YOU feel better or ME!!!!??? relieved and feel much better to hear about your visit and your day!!!!
Excited for Maya tomorrow...DON'T OVERDO IT!!!!

Sheryl(Katz)Goldenberg said...

I was so glad to hear that you are getting more information. I'm sure it is very difficult to wait and see what will happen next. Always remember that my family and I are thinking about you!

lizardek said...

I'm glad you had such a good meeting with your doctor and confirmation that you are doing the right things. It's so hard to wait especially when you're in pain. :( And hurray for the nice hospital staff! :)

Anonymous said...

Hej Carol!
Tänker och ber för dig varje dag. Idag sjöng jag med gospelkören i kyrkan och bad för dig att allt ska gå bra och att du håller modet uppe. Du är toppen!!
Massor med bamsekramar från mig till dig.
Glad påsk till dig också.