Saturday, January 24, 2009

Challenge Projects....January

It's bad enough that I have many of my own WISPs...but whenever my Mom comes to visit us she brings me HERS from Florida! With geniue gladness, I accept many of her WISPs and stuff them into the closet along with the others. Since it is nearing the end of January, I decided that one WISP completed was not I went digging around. I pulled out WISPs that were from Mom. Today I finished hemming 6 dish towels with a little loop to hang them. The fabric comes from Peru (where I was born)...and features some of my favorite Peruvian treats! Turron de Doña Pepa! ANTICUCHOS! Picarones de la Playa!
What's next? I found a stack of flannel triangles that were supposed to be a baby quilt for my best Peruvian friend, Giannina Zanelli's baby! Yekaterina was born in 1996 in Moscow, Russia. I don't think she'll want her baby quilt now! (not even for her baby dolls!) Recently a colleague of mine here in Sweden had twins, a girl and a boy. I think these pieces can come together to make two little quilts that will be similar but not exactly alike. This afternoon, Maya helped me arranging the pieces on a design board but she was making something far more complicated that I'm ready to do right now. I'll have to work on it again when she isn't around.
In the meantime, I'm working on a surprise for someone special....just a peek because I know she looks at my blog.
How are you coming along with your CHALLENGE Projects? (if you're in Abyquilts and Tag-along-Teddies challenge)

I sent my Fabric Post Cards out to 8 members of our group yesterday! Hope they arrive safely!


Sara said...

What cute peruvian fabrics. I like those and haven't ever seen anything like them. Lucky you to have access to things like that!

Like the stitchery, very cute!

Brenda said...

It always feels wonderful to finish a project. They look so fun and adorable. Have fun putting together the two quilts, sometimes the decision on how to put them together is the hardest step,, so many choices. I adore your flower stitches, they will surely be appreciated. Have a grand day!

Anonymous said...

It feels so good to get some of those projects done! Sometimes though, I cheat and give them away or even sell them in my sister's Montreal garage sale where the money goes to a different charity each year.... I did something similar with the flannel left over from my husband's grandmother's 90th birthday quilt and the triangles and squares sat there for years until I packaged them up and sent them to Montreal where a woman was so excited to have them and send them to a contact in a 3rd world contry. I just got to the point where I realized there was a limit to what I can do.

I love the towels - a very special memory for you and the new flannel quilts will be so appreciated. I almost choked when you wrote are a true quilter and I am so happy that you didn't get rid of them like I probably would have as they will be very appreciated!

The embroidery is stunning. There you have done it and I want to start back at doing it too....


holly said...

It looks like you have been very busy. I am still working on my postcards for February. I didn't get any out for January. It has been a busy month. said...

Hello My name is Johanna and I am Dutch who lives in Sweden, When I went on your, I saw this Turon, this reminds me of my time living in Spain.I love it.
I enjoyed your web-site.
Greetings Johanna

Karin said...

Lovely embroidery! And the peruvian fabric is awesome!