Friday, January 9, 2009


What a WIN!
Florida Gators National Champions AGAIN!
Thanks to North American Sports Network (NASN) channel I could watch it live here in Sweden! That means I was up from 2 am to 6 am cheering for the GATORS! It was worth it!
My little Gator Fan made her own flag to wave while watching the game. In her 6 year old mind the Gators = USA! Well...she's nearly's a GATOR NATION now! She was dressed in her Gator gear but when I woke her up at 2 am to watch she couldn't keep her eyes open and choose to go back to bed. We did celebrate in the morning with HIGH FIVES and more cheers! GO GATORS!
I'd forgotten how many commercials play during an American football game! geez....gave me lots of moments to sew! I'm coming along with my lavender sachets! Although my eyes went a little foggy around 4 am! This 'old' body can't do those all nighters too many times a year!


Rhonda said...

Hi Carol. So happy that you're happy about the Gator winning....I am not a sports watcher in general but I do catch a game every once in awhile.
Happy New Year and take care.

Gilbert said...

Yea Baby, it is the mighty Gators.
It does make me miss Gainesville. Especially this time of the year, when I am freezing my arse up here!
It is great to be a Fla Gator.