Thursday, January 29, 2009

Slow progress due to distractions

I'm in other worlds these days....

- the dreaded bathroom renovation has gotten started at that means no water or toilet up near our bedrooms, have had to reorganize stuff, many times, not finished with the stuff part.
(photos come you can see what's happening!)

- working really hard on my High School blog site...having fun getting in touch with friends old and dear, some far, some near and we have 3 years until our 30th reunion and I've taken it upon myself to find over 300 missing people! (Ok, so I've gotten some help from others with Facebook ) Realistically, I will be glad to find a quarter of them never know! I'm adding new things to that blog nearly everyday as friends are sending me photos to post on the blog with updates about them. I have even gone digging in my old photo albums to find fun photos to post as well...memory lane! (wish Santa had brought me a scanner for Christmas though...I'm taking photos of photos so the quality isn't good.)

- been sick, as you know, but am feeling better. Cough, cough

- busy back at work...went to a Buddhist Temple with Grade 5 kids as part of their Religion Class. very interesting. The monk was from Vietnam and didn't speak Swedish but a nun (?) translated for him and the kids asked great questions! I'll post photos of that too....they were very generous with their time and fruits! (left overs from Chinese New Year)

-weather is a real drag...hoovering around freezing day and night...some rain, NO SUN!
BORING B-O-R-I-N-G!!!! snow, why can't there be some SNOW!!??? (oh yeah, global's been 3 winters since really good snow!)

That's all...lots is happening! I have just few days to finish some WISPs for the Challenge! Gotta get going on that!

PS- Betsy asked me what I was listening to lately....Bets, I listen to the radio...but haven't a clue as to who the performers are these days. I'm just not very cool anymore! LOL


G'G'ma said...

Well Carol, if you really want snow I could send you lots of the white stuff!! We did have sun for part of 3 days and now gloom and more snow is back.

Living with bathroom and kitchen renovations is rough. We want our water NOW. The finished job will be wonderful though.

Hope you can ditch that cold soon.

Sandi said...

Hope your reno goes well, and doesn't drag on for too long.

Brenda said...

Wow! You have been very busy. Glad to hear you are feeling a tad bit better, hope full recovery soon. What an undertaking you are taking on with the class reunion, I wish you the best of luck and have a grand time doing it.

LesleyAnn said...

I would be so willing to give you some Iowa snow!! I am so sick of the weather here!! Looking forward to spring so badly. Hope your renovations go well. Take care!

Caithlin said...

We just got snow today
Hugs and kisses