Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy 2009!

We've already had TWO days of SUN in 2009!
The first was spent at the beach! This is my mermaid in the winter time on her favorite rock!
Patches of sand were covered in ice...very cool looking!
My Prince Charming and his loyal companion!
January 2- Mom and Maya took a turn "skating" on our little pond!
Tomorrow my folks head back to the Sunshine State of Florida after a 3 week visit with us! I always feel melancholy when they leave us but it will be good to get back into some sort of routine again....and maybe I'll start picking up the mess we've made of the house over the last weeks or maybe I'll just start a new sewing project or read a book! (And I will certainly ignore the bag full of papers I need to grade!)
I got one more Christmas fabric post card! This one from Vicki!
Thank you!

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