Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Today we wake up....

to a new ERA , new HOPE and a NEW PRESIDENT! And we are HAPPY!
It's a BRAND NEW DAY! Last night we toasted the NEW FIRST FAMILY!
Maya decided what she would wear for this special event when Barack Obama won in November 2008! It's, white and blue and Hawaiian, too!
Click here to sing along!
After the ceremony...we watched with delight as President Obama signed his first bit of paperwork! We hope he will be signing many more acts with good intentions for
our common future good! We can work TOGETHER to create a better world!
This reminded me of a REALLY good episode of "The West Wing"! Only BETTER!
And you don't have to pinch me...'cause I know I'm not dreaming, at last, this is REALITY!


Lori S-C said...

uh huh. It was a wonderful day!

happy zombie said...

It was a wonderful day indeed! I love your post, Carol. I feel exactly as you do. Oh happy day! I love the shot of your tv screen too!

chrisi said...

auch wir hoffen das sich auf der Welt jetzt einiges ändert grüsse

Carol in Sweden said...

"We also are hoping that there will now be some changes in the world. Greetings."

Translation of Chrisi's comment above.

THANKS CHRISI for your kind words from Germany!

Gilbert said...

Oh yes, the world is a better place -- because somewhere in Texas, a village welcomed back its idiot.