Monday, January 5, 2009

Icey fun

It's been a cold week with low temps at the lake is frozen thick near our house! This is one of our neighbors ice fishing! He uses a big trap that sits a meter or so under the ice, for bait he just uses oatmeal flakes! The little fish swim around right into the trap. These trapped fish he keeps frozen to use as bait during the spring and summer for salmon and carp fishing. To get over to the lake to ice skate we found it was easier to put Maya's skates on at our house then pull her on the sled over to the lake. She held my ski poles today on our short journey.
Not bad, not bad at all for day 2 of skating! (this was Sunday's trial) Maya holds her balance well, knows how to stand back up after a fall and keeps trying her best! The bicycle helmet makes us feel safer but it really doesn't sit on the head well with a cap under it.
Sunset around 3:45 as you can see in this photo....Maya alone with the 'kick support' sled.
Ready for some hot chocolate at home!
Today I got a turn to try ice skiing! (Maya took the photo.) Cross country skis are for down hill! They go FAST on the ice! I only fell once and could even get up! lol I want to go out again to take advantage when we've got such nice cold weather!

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lizardek said...

Wow! That IS one seriously frozen lake!!