Monday, January 5, 2009

January Challenge projects declared

Trying to shake off the feelings of "Dooms Day" (returning to work). I always stress myself out before I return to work at the end of a holiday, as if there is some important deadline that I must meet that includes all housework completed and organized, all rooms put into perfection, and all the laundry, plants and extra stuff done by the time I return to work. Why do I do this to myself? then I don't enjoy my last days of vacation doing what I want to do....instead I'm constantly thinking of what I must do next. What about doing all the things I WANT to do instead of what I think I NEED to do?

So....instead of worrying and fretting about all those things that won't get done because I've made unrealistic goals for myself, I've signed myself on to meet a FUN CHALLENGE for the WHOLE YEAR! May Britt's & Kris's ONE WISP (work in slow progress) per Month Challenge. It's quite easy...and laid back. No stress (like my fabric post card group). I pick my own unfinished project (UFO) or WISP (work in slow progress) that's sitting in my crafty room and finish it! One per month! And believe me....there's one per month in my sewing closets! At least! I might even get a prize if I finish them! But that part doesn't really matter....I just want the fun challenge of it! And the little push to get started! January's project to do is one that I started over the summer with Maya...we harvested lavender flowers to make into smelly little sachets for Christmas gifts. (Not anymore...hopefully they'll be Valentine's gifts) The idea came from a woman I met in Gotland, Sweden. She had embrodiered simple flowers on a cloth bag stuffed with petals. Of course, I thought to myself "I can do that"....and now 4 years later I've gotten started!
These are my own designs...just free hand stitching. Below is Maya's design for her own sachet!
Do you want to join our Challenge? Just click on over to May Britt or Kris and find out the details!


holly said...

Oh how beautiful. I love love love these. My sister in-law gave me one for Christmas. Your supposed to put it under your pillow. If you feel like you need to get them out of the sewing room please send them my way. LOL.

Sandi said...

Your sachets are lovely, - beautiful stitching and colours.
I have bag of lavender in my stash draw; maybe I could make some sachets too - much nicer than a plain bag!

SewAmy said...

beautiful stitching. Love the colors.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful embroidery! These sachets will be awesome!

And, looks like you've had lots of fun out on that lake! Too bad the weather got a bit warmer today... :-)