Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Biopsy went well

Just to let you all know that the biopsy procedure went very well today. I'm too worn out right now to report any more funny details about my day in bed (from 8:30 to 19:00) but I will try to give you more details tomorrow when I'm on my new morphine pain killers! (now that ought to be interesting! we'll see how I do!)

I met a new doctor today who is one of the team...we really liked her...very down to earth. She told us that since my case is 'advanced' (meaning that it has spread to my liver, not just sitting there in my butt)...the "older" doctors will be in charge of me. The ones with the most experience...she is one of them but she wasn't old at the most 50 so you get the idea. I was concerned about my case being talked about by different doctors each week and wanted to know if there was a CORE GROUP in charge with MY case. She told me that she understood that's the way it is in the USA but it's not like that here, she did say though that I will have two core doctors (surgeon and oncologist) who will always be the ones responsible for the final decisions based on the recommendations of the group meeting. The surgeon in charge of me from now on is Dr. Soft Swede (who I've written about before). I REALLY LIKED HIM the last time we met when he looked up my butt! (then drew a diagram for me and explained everything in superb English--which calms me) So Bo and I were both very satisfied with this knowledge. Dr. Down-to-Earth also said that they will be pleading, begging and praying to the pathologists to move my biopsy results through the process as fast as possible so that they can discuss them during THIS FRIDAY's meeting! Halleuah! I'm supposed to be at home on Friday noon and after to wait for their phone call to tell us the results for MRI and biopsy. (No one call me on Friday after lunch, please!) At the Friday meeting the oncologist will take my case and prepare my treatment plan (which is already tentively in the works) so we can START the FIGHT. I cried when she said that and said "I"m ready to fight this" and she replied "We want to start too...and we want you to WIN!"
Can you see why I really liked her?! She's on my team!

That's the basic important information for the day....but I'll tell the details tomorrow if I'm up to it...some funny things happened.

Bo is the most wonderful's such a blessing that I fell in love with a chemical engineer who has a fantastic memory for numbers, medicine names, dosages, reactions, etc...he is always a step ahead and jumps right in with his questions. I feel like he's my "medicine care lawyer". So grateful he's on my team, too! I pray he can hold up through all of his worries because I really need him!

Maya news: she FINALLY lost one of her front teeth! It fell out during the night and my Dad found her holding it this morning while she was sleeping! She is so proud! The American tooth fairy will come tonight (next tooth will be for the Swedish one!).

Her kindergarten class walked to the public library today for a tour inside and each child got a huge book about Monsters! A very appealing book for children...has the "bath tub" monster, the "closet" monster, as well as the truly famous ones...cyclops, werewolf, etc.

Thanks for all the extra thoughts today! :-)


lizardek said...

Your team sounds just awesome, Carol! Especially that husband and kid of yours :)

Anonymous said...

Me da muvcho gusto que todo va por buen camino. La familia Arenas-Delgado reza mucho por ti, en Peru y en USA. Te queremos

Lori S-C said...

!Apareces que tiene un equipo muy especial! Pensando de ti...

quiltmom said...

Keep up the upbeat attitude and you will win your fight- Hope is your most valuable ally as you manage the challenges of cancer. It is wonderful to know you have a great team of people supporting and helping you take on this challenge.
Wishing you all the best,
Regards from a Western Canadian Quilter,

Holly said...

Glad to hear things went well. It sounds like you have some wonderful doctors and family taking good care of you. We are saying prayers for you here in the states. Take good care of yourself. You will need lots of strength. (((HUGS)))

Sandi said...

Glad the biopsy went well and your support team are taking great care of you. Keep thinking those positive thoughts :)

G'G'ma said...

Sounds like you have a very good medical team besides your wonderful family. And don't forget all your blogging friends all over the world with prayers and good thoughts.

Isabelle said...

Hej Carol!

Jag hittade din blogg på internet för en liten stund sen!
Jag hoppas att det går bra med dina behandlingar och att du kommer att bli frisk.

Jag tittade på bilderna från lägret för ett tag sen och jag skrattade när jag såg att du skrivit att du inte skulle nämna vilka som trillat i sjön! Nu i efterhand är det ju inte så farligt... :)

Jag trivs mycket bra i min nya skola, men visst saknar jag den gamla!

Vi (jag, Naffee, Fanny, Jasmina och Katarina) går med sexorna i engelska men får extra-uppgifter av vår lärare. Vi har en extra lektion i veckan med en kille från england, där vi bara sitter och pratar.
Jag går med sjuorna i spanska och det går fint, men det är lite kämpigt ibland.

Hoppas att du blir bättre och får en riktigt skön sommar!

Många kramar från Isabelle :)
(Naffee, Fanny, Katarina & Jasmina hälsar också!)