Monday, April 13, 2009

Double Delightful

Double, Double Delight Monday!
Jennifer came with her twins and her Mum, Cathy, who is one of my favorite people! It was a double delight for me and I wasn't prepared for Cathy to be here too (Jennifer had told me she was working) soon as I saw them get out of the car I burst into tears! (remember I'm PMS!) It was so wonderful to see ALL of the Barkers!
The babies are GORGEOUS, ROBUST, and HAPPY! Colin and Amanda entertained us with their smiles, dribbles, and just plain cuteness! Jennifer is an excellent mum especially getting her long time wish come true! (twins= boy and girl) I was so pleased to see them on their little puffy quilts that I made for them! I hope they will have lots of fun on them in the future....and once they are walking they can use them for picnics, tea parties and matresses in their little indoor huts! Thank you Jennifer for sharing your treasures with us today! Next time I see them I hope to be more lively myself and be able to play with them! Maya loved being an "older" child, she kept bringing them stuffed animals to look at and she enjoyed their reactions! (later she told me that she did NOT want twin siblings!)

One of my workmates is a kind, gentle, and very thoughtful woman named Mimmi (Maria)....I've been meaning to show this for some time on my blog but never get around to it. She makes these beautiful bouquets out of simple, yet I think so stunning!
I miss you Mimmi! And all our small talks! Hug to you!
Here's one view of my beloved Crescent Beach....on a windy sweat dripping on this day! Just thought I'd show it! I talk about it so much. My Dad sent me this photo last year. Can't wait to be back there jumping in the waves! Talked to my nurse today....feeling positive! Only one more day of waiting until the liver biopsy! She gave me a lot of details about what will happen but I'll wait to write about it after it happens then you'll get the REAL story! Thank you to everyone for your continued support!


G'G'ma said...

So happy you had such a good day with friends. Prayers continue!!

Natalie Harris said...

You've been in my thoughts all day! Today is our first day of Spring is STILL so cold and rain/snowy that we went snowmobiling!!! i kept thinking how great it would be if I could take the kids to Cresent Beach!!!And then to St. Augustine...we'll go TOGETHER....
I'll be sending thoughts of memories to be made and summoning your future grandchildren to surround you with hope and peace during the biopsy!!!

Mia said...

Hej Carol!
Vad roligt att ni hälsat på Maria och hennes familj. Hon berättade idag på jobbet att det var så roligt att träffa er. Tvillingarna var ju underbara! Vilka sötnosar! Jag känner de ju inte men det är härligt att läsa om hur du omger dig med människor som betyder mycket för dig och håller humöret uppe. Fantastiskt starkt av dig att klara dig utan smärtstillande. Du är helt enastående! Ska tänka på dig när du gör din biopsi.

Massa positiva tankar till dig!

Många kramar, Mia!

Anonymous said...

Hej Carol! Den 4:e maj kommer Jennifer och tvillingarna och hälsar på hos mig, om du känner dig stark nog är du mer än välkommen hit om du orkar. Många kramar till dig från mig.
Go girl! Tänker på dig.

Sandi said...

Glad you had a wonderful day with friends. The babies look cute on their little quilts that you made.