Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Good Friday

What a GOOD FRIDAY we had at Maria and Andreas's home outside in the garden! Thank you so much for inviting all of us! You don't know how much we appreciated the attentions, the delicious Greek food, the laughter, and your kind hospitally! I ate more that meal than I have eaten in long time! I felt so good!

Maria: I will call you to tell you this in person if I can manage to do it without crying...but I wanted you to know how wonderful it is that our friendship doesn't just revolve around work (we only talked a little about it when we were alone) and that during dinner my illness
wasn't mentioned once! I Love you, my Aussie-Greek friend! Maya and Antonia enjoyed their individual servings of pannacotta and berries! We left Maya with her bike and helmet to spend the night with Antonia...what a treat it was for her! She's still talking about it! Antonia is only 2 months older than Maya but she's so advanced physically...a head taller, stronger, more balanced. We took advantage of the situation to see if Antonia would inspired Maya to ride her bike on her worked! With a little more smooth road practice Maya should be biking without training wheels soon. Thank you Amilon FAMILY!
Later that evening, I had to stop taking the Ibprophen in order to prepare for the liver biopsy blood tests. New pains started to come and I threw up my dinner (not Maria's food!). I was rather scared and shakey. Since then I have not had much energy. I took it easy on Saturday only helping a little bit with the Easter rabbit preparations. Rested as much as possible before Maya came back from Antonia's so we could dye Easter eggs together outside in the Florida room.
Sunday we had the Easter egg hunt (which is not a Swedish tradition) in the forest behind our house. Each year we invite the neighbor's 2 children to join Maya and it's a lot of fun.

Off the ibprophen is pains along my left breast, breathing is difficult--being poked in the side--, back ache, and on top of everything I'm PMS. It just doesn't seem fair. I keep repeating to myself, this will pass, this will pass, I can survive....I WILL SURVIVE!

Looking forward to a visit tomorrow from a former colleague, Jennifer and her twins! I will finally give them the presents I have made for them! Will definitely post photos of that special event! :-)

On Monday afternoon, my in-laws will come to celebrate with Swedish style Easter food...I'm not sure I can sit at the table with them...somehow the pickled herrings that I usually love do not appeal to me at all at this time. But I can handle the hard boiled eggs. There's hope! No snaps for me this year either! next year!

Crafty News

Each year I try to participate in a FAWCO fund raising event by making a quilt square or two (or 3) based on a theme. After we send in our squares the organizer always sends us a colored print of the completed quilt that was raffled at the International FAWCO Conference. This year's theme was "Save the Planet" and my contribution was the little polar bear with orca friends on the top row, second from the right. FAWCO is an NGO of the UN...Federation of American Women's Clubs Overseas.


Natalie Harris said...

YES!!! NEXT YEAR...just keep are doing GREAT woman!!!! you are SO LOVED...Every morning I visualize you and me and MANY friends who come to join us at Cresent Beach...we are there without spouses and children...just eating and swimming and lounging and bathing in the sun and wind and smell and books and catching up and making plans for our future visits...I CAN
NOT WAIT!!!!! We end the trip with our family joining us....SO FUN!!!!
Still praying. Still loving you HARD!!!

Amanda said...

How wonderful to be able to 'escape' with your friends on Friday, the memory of that will buoy you up over the next little while I'm sure. Miserable that you've had to come off your pain killers though - it won't be for long, though it must be a bit scary to be reminded of all your aches and pains. Are you eating lots of live yoghurt? It's great when you're tummy's feeling a bit fragile.

chrisi said...

dear Carol, the spring has also arrived with you? we had the last week wonderfull weather, i wish you a lot of strength for the comming days Dear once greets from switzerland chris

Sara said...

Sorry you have new pains from not being able to take ibuprofen, but that too shall pass. Glad you were able to spend some time with Maya and friends!

sam said...

I just caught up with your whole week (no internet this week on the road) you realize how the hell much you do in just 6 days and you are sick too?! Just for one second, if it doesn't hurt, pat yourself on the back for what you achieve for yourself and family in so few days...I was tired out just reading about all the family activities, interactions, doctor visits, etc. Wow! The description of the ride to Crescent was perfect..funny we all have had some memorable adventures on that road..some not fit for the blog...I laughed thinking of you in that machine but remembering to count the guys on the corner to anticipate the waves...hugs