Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Liver Biopsy today

We're up with the sun....early to get to the hospital at 7:30 am for the blood flow tests and others. Then it's up to the Cancer Department for my valium shots and other things....the biopsy is planned for 10:00 am. From the blood tests until the rest of the day, I will be in a bed. That means nurses will be changing my pads (for my period) and helping me pee & poop in a little cup on the bed! So glad I'll be on valium!

For the moments I'm bored and awake, I've got an 'entertainment' bag packed with iPod of my music & KellySue's iPod (maybe I'll finally finished the Carl Hiasson book "Skinny Dipping"), embrodiery, funny book, and comics from the USA that Mom mailed me a long time ago and I haven't sat down to read yet. I figured that was enough for one day and I'll probably be asleep most of the time.

Bo is going to stay with me as much as possible but he's very nervous, too, so he's got a little list of errands to run in Helsingborg: visit Peder, buy wheat grass seeds at Goodness, and visit my school to give Kristina, my director, important medical leave papers.

Nervous but READY to go through with this test because THESE tests will give the Doctors all the answers they need to make the decisions for the best treatment for me and my case. Just have to remember that the results won't be instanteanous, the pathologist needs time to do his/her job correctly. But soon...treatment will start SOON!

I feel GOOD today with an energy of a bright future! Hold your thumbs, cross your fingers, say an extra prayer, hold me in the LIGHT, cover me with Angels of Healing and send me POSITIVE THOUGHTS! As you have been doing all these I need them a lot!

Love to all of you! I'm taking all my friends and family, real and virtual, with me in my head today to give me strength! Thank you!


Amanda said...

I was so touched by your previous post. I always wanted a brother - or a sister at a pinch - but it wasn't to be. I had to try to 'borrow' my friends' brothers. Lots of luck for today - it's been a while coming, but it will be good to get some answers and be able to plan your next moves. I'll be thinking of you during the day.

Helene M Mikell said...

praying for a painfree, fast-moving day for you. May they find all they need to know today. May it be an easily treatable and curable case. Prayers being lifted up for you worldwide today, Carol!! Feel the power!

sam said...

The first think I do when I get to my office is check your blog and see how your day has gone.

I'm hoping most of your biopsy procedures are over now......I hope it went swiftly and you can breath a little sigh that this big hurdle has been jumped..

Love the tribute to Tommy. Impossible to imagine him at 40! Also, don't put yourself down for doing the "expected". First, you actually never did that certainly had your adventures and deviations from the straight and narrow (I know the truth you see...). Second, Mark always said that having a straight and narrow sibling was liberating because he knew that at least his sister would still provide conventional conversation topics for our academic parents. Looks like my Emmy is going to do the same for her brother. this just an essential role of sisters--big and little?

Lots of hugs and positive thoughts.

Kate said...

Your family is Pennsylvania is with you today my dear Carol - we are all thinking and praying for you - sending those healing thoughts your way. Pammy & Pat Berry and I were out for dinner last night and talked alot about you - so you should have felt our love....kate

Carol said...

Sending you love and healing thoughts Carol. Take care and when you are well you must come to Scotland, Carol

Lori S-C said...

Good Thoughts and positive energy are heading to you from all over the world!
Love you lots,

G'G'ma said...

Prayers were sent your way from west Michigan today. Prayed for you at Bible Study this I do many times during the day.