Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tuesday's nice things

Very quickly...I've been on my way to the shower all day and I"m STILL in my PJ's at 9pm! I will finish this post later tonight! no promises...detours happen!

Thank you to my Easter Swap partner, TAMMY, for these cute surprises! I'd almost forgotten about the Easter Swap I signed up for "pre-cancer" although I've made one thing for my partner and I've communicated with the organizer (Bush Baby) a couple of times.....then a sweet package arrived from Tammy at is what was inside!
Thank you Tammy!
As always, my daughter wants to take everything from me but this time she remembered it was for Mommy! She really liked the SPRING mini banner...we'll put it on our Easter Tree. I love the little bunny and egg! But where did the chocolate go? Oops! (My Dad ate it!) Isn't this flower lovely? Purplely on the outside, green on the inside...only you have to lift up the blossom to see how lovely! It's a shy flower! This plant lives at the summer house where the temperatures are warmer than at our regular house.
A mighty fine strut on this peasant who was prancing proudly through our yard trying to impress his lady friend! (slight glare as I took photo through the window)
Pappa took Maya and her class friend, Julia, down to the beach to look for shells, etc. A little chilly but a lot of fun for both of them! The tide was waaayyyyyy out while we stopped by. I did walk out to feel the water..too cold! (I am too weak & pained to walk down from the house, my dad drove me to the beach side...pitiful!) I can't wait until the summer again to frolick in the waves avoiding jelly fish! LOL Doesn't Mom look so Nordic strolling along the early spring beachside?
We buy our fresh eggs here at a self serve nursery near the summer house! GREAT prices on perennials (20 kr. a plant) and 4 kr. for pansies and annuals.
Dad bought me a bunch of plants for my garden at home...we picked out ones that rabbits DO NOT like! (at least the plants they didn't like last year...who knows, their tastes might change this year!) Damn rabbits! Can you believe they're already digging up my rose roots? I hung our "pumpkin lady" upside down over one of them...might work! (you'd have to see my October posting to know who the "pumpkin lady" is)


LesleyAnn said...

The say if you put vinegar out around the plants that it will discourage the bunnies....haven't tried it but it might work???

Anonymous said...

Carol, pienso en ti muy seguido! Disculpame por no tener mucho contacto contigo! Pero espero que te encuentres bien y le pido a Dios que todo te salga bien!! Con carino, Maribel (California)