Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Beautiful Helsingborg

This is in Helsingborg...where I work. My school is up these steps, past the Kärnan Tower, through the park and to the left. When I used to ride the train to work, this was the path I took...can you believe it? I used to walk past a castle every day to get to work! Wow! Unfortunately, I drive my car these's just much less stress when I have to get home to pick up my daughter from the day care before it closes.
This is the view from the top of the Kärnan's tower. The clock tower on the right side is the city hall. In the middle of the photo you can see the harbor, a ferry is coming into port through the tide is coming back from Denmark. Denmark is on the other side of the öresund (sound) water, see it over there? Hello Danes! These ferries run nearly 24 hours a day...every 20 minutes (and almost ALWAYS on time!). You can go by foot to Denmark or you can take your car over or even by bus. The ferry station is also the train station. It's so convienient!

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