Thursday, July 17, 2008

Summer time with Mormor and Granpa in Sweden

Maya (6 years old) serves tea to her Mormor and Granpa on the front porch in Farhult, Sweden. As many of you might know, my parents purchased a "summer house" in Sweden 3 years ago in order to spend a longer time visiting us for 3 months each summer. It works out perfectly for all of us! They have a little space to call their own where they can relax, putter around, garden, and entertain their one and only grandchild, Ms. Maya! We go back and forth from each other's homes just as we would if they always lived close's a 40 minute drive between so we often sleep over with each other. My parents appreciate the escape from the Floridian summer heat and we LOVE to spend time as much time as possible with them. (without driving each other crazy!)
Mormor (Swedish for means "mother's mother") teaches Maya how to needlepoint. Mom is an expert needlepointer! So we're hoping that Maya will also enjoy this hobby one day...she is a very crafty type of kid.
My Dad loves to build the moment his summer project is adding a little bathroom on to the guest cottage at the summer house.
Every mid-day at the summer house we all have about an hour's rest time "Happy Nappy"! I usually read but everyone else snoozes...Maya has taught Granpa her technique of relaxing, the two finger suck! (I hope Granpa won't need braces later! ha ha) My Dad would be called "morfar" in Sweden (that's "Mother's father") but he can never remember it so we decided it was best if he was simply "granpa". Bo's father is "Farfar" for Maya ("father's father") and you shouldn't mix them up!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Carol!

How wonderful your blog is - congrats! What a beautiful place, if we could ever afford a European trip again, we'll definitely have to come for a visit before the girls become sullen teens ;-)

I'll go back and add some witty comments...all the best :-)