Thursday, July 17, 2008

Odds and ends around the yard.....

Earlier this summer we had some action going on in our yard.... "Trädgubben" (The Treeman) came to cut down the 3 large pine trees that weren't doing so well in our front yard. He was amazing...climbed up the tree with a chain saw hanging from his belt. After sawing off all the branches on his way up (Bo and Dad pulled them out from under the trees and made HUGE piles on the side), the treeman sawed the trees into large pieces and pushed them off on his way down. Bo is in the process of sawing up all the logs to use as firewood in a couple of years once it is dried out. Mom, Maya & I did our part, too, by loading up over 6 trailers full of the smaller branches and tons of needles. Bo hauled them off to the dump. Too bad it's too early for making wreaths, I had plenty of pine to use! Once all the logs are gone, I will get to plant new things in that corner! Any ideas? It's mostly in the shade.

Here is Ms. Maya is showing off her Pappa's moose antler. Not the average play toy! It's a small one but very heavy nonetheless! Those moose are strong! *Note to Liz: Maya would like to know if you have an antler for your bathroom? would you want one?*

This is all that is left of the mint that I planted...darn rabbits! It was a transplant from another area of my yard...hoping that it would multiply like it did in my flower bed but I guess the rabbits had another idea! AGH! I'm too frustrated to show you what the rest of the little garden looks like...I need to build a new fence! Our cat does his part in keeping the rabbit population down but he needs some help! By the looks of this dirt, I think I need to mix in some fresh compost, too! We don't live in a desert! *Note to Natalie: See what I mean? Your garden looks like a rainforest compared to mine!*


Anonymous said...

hahah! Thank you Maya, but no, I can't accept a moose antler for the bathroom, much as I would love to. :) Anders will KILL me! :D

Carol in Sweden said...

The other day as we drove through Allerum (near Helsingborg) we saw a life size statue of a moose in front of some community building...Maya pipes up from the backseat and says "Liz doesn't have a moose like that in her bathroom!" ho ho ho