Thursday, July 17, 2008

"Fika" in Sweden

One of my favorite things to do in Sweden is to "fika" at a pastry shop!Flickorna Lundgren is my all time favorite place for this activity primarily because of its location. On a sunny day it is perfect to sit in their lovely flower garden, drink coffee or tea or juice, eat delicious pastries & sandwiches outside. While the adults are savioring their "fika", the children can run down to the meadow behind the Cafe to feed the mini goats and pot bellied piggies. You can feel the light breezes coming off the bay and see sailboats floating by....this was a favorite place of one of Sweden's kings as well! "The Lundgren Sisters" is the place to go when travelling around the Kulleberg peninsula

They serve the coffee in old copper kettles; tea, sugar, lemon & milk in locally made ceramic pots and the pastries are on Vilroy & Boch china! You expect the Mad Hatter to make an appearance to pour at the tea party! I'm sorry I took the photo AFTER we had eaten up all the pastries! Next time I'll remember to click before devouring up the yummies!


Anonymous said...

Hej Carol! Flickorna Lundgren är en av mina favoriter också. Jag var där för några veckor sedan med familjen och mina föräldrar. Vi hade det riktigt mysigt. En jättekul idé att blogga. Jag funderar på att kanske göra detsamma. Många sommarkramar från Åsa

Anonymous said...

love flika lingren too - nest time photos of food and people who are enjoying it with

Lori S-C said...

Chloe and i are quite enamored with the idea of fika-ing sometime...

Carol in Sweden said...

Will you be coming here for fika?
Or shall I go there?
Vad ska vi fika med?
(What shall we fika with?)

It's a very important part of the life's almost rude if you choose not to fika with your colleagues at work, for example.
Most fikas are simple but they can also be very fancy, too! I love them!