Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pete came for a visit....and I started this blog because I learned some things about myself during his visit.

My former LAUSD colleague, Pete, came to visit us recently for 4 days. While I toured him around the area, I was reminded of just how lovely southern Sweden can be this time of the year. We are having excellent summer weather, at the moment, mostly sunny with a bit of rain to make the plants grow. As I explained bits and pieces of our life to him, I realized that after living here nine years I have really grown to LOVE it here! Although I can complain from time to time (my husband might add "more often than that"), I have come to accept many things....including that fact that I will probably never REALLY master the language but at least I know enough to fit in and work my way out of a problem. We had a great visit with Pete and I'm so very glad he came to share these days with us in our country home. Thanks Pete! Your visit made my heart smile!

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