Sunday, July 20, 2008

Farhult's MölleFest Dag

Every summer many Swedish communities have LARGE yard sales called LOPPIS to raise money for their sports teams and community projects. In the village of Farhult (where my parents have their summer house), the community pulls together a "MILL PARTY" to raise funds for the up keep of the old windmill. It's another of my favorite activities to do in the summer time! At a never know what treasures you will find! And at this one there is a great sense of community spirit, all for the pride of the old windmill! All year long donations are gathered in a local farmer's big ol' barn.
At exactly 13:00 (1pm) the LOPPIS starts....1, 2, 3, GO! Volunteers have organized the donations into categorizes: TOYS & GAMES, FABRICS (handiwork, curtains, lace dollies, etc), FURNITURE, ELECTRIC, BOOKS, ART WORK, CERAMICS & GLASS and CHRISTMAS. You've got to get there quickly if you're going to find the "precious" stuff...antique dealers have sharpened their elbows to plow their way through first. I always find more games to use in my classroom, books, interesting fabrics, toys and cobalt blue glassware. This year's "treasure" was an old cube puzzle "MADE IN GERMANY, US-ZONE" (don't see that mark much anymore!). As far as other finds...I bought a solid ironing board to keep at the summer house for 10 kronor.* Note to Kelly Sue: next crafty day, you don't have to bring yours over!* And I found a nearly new ENGLISH spelling puzzle for Maya, she's already done it 3 times! C-A-T, M-O-U-S-E ...all the pieces were there!
Mom is right in there with the ladies looking for a bargain (pink jacket, sunglasses). She purchased everything on her list and then some....
At 14:15 the Auction starts! This is quite entertaining if you know enough Swedish to understand his jokes!

Dressed in traditional regional clothing, some of the community women sell homemade cookies and drinks to the hungry crowd for an afternoon "fika"! It's so wholesome I feel like I'm in a Carl Larsson painting!
Mom and Maya take a rest after "loppising" to have a FIKA! What gorgeous weather, too!
LOTTERY TICKETS! 10 kronor for 4 tickets...try your luck to win something on the spot!
WOW! Dad is just happy to participate! All the money goes to a good cause!
I'M A WINNER! YEAH! My lucky number 15 was a cook book by local celebrity...Tina NORDSTRöM! (She's from Helsingborg...and is featured on national TV!) Love her cooking!


Anonymous said...

What fun! I want to come next year! :D

Carol in Sweden said...

You are welcome to join us! We walk down to the windmill from the house because the parking is just crazy! Mark your's always the 3rd Saturday in July! They hardly advertize it.

Natalie Harris said...

Okay,how many can you sleep? I am ENCHANTED and am feeling a trip your way boiling in my veins. I'll actually be in Germany in September, but I doubt I could tack on the extra time a way to make a "pit" stop...and you'd be in school...your life LOOKS SO ROMANTIC!!!! I wanted to be at dinner. I've never eaten Reindeer.
Carol, I know I've said this too much probably...but MAYA IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! I am SO THRILLED you are doing this too...

Carol in Sweden said...

You are welcome anytime Natalie!
There's always room for one more!
where will you be in Germany?
Remember: I'm in the southern part of Sweden..not too far from Germany! (if you look how far you travel from's only a hop, skip and a jump more!)