Thursday, July 17, 2008

A visit from Germany

While our friend from the USA was here with us, we had a short visit from Bo's brother and neice from Germany! They were with us for one night and the cousins had a MARVELOUS TIME together despite not having a common language! Olivia (right side, yellow flowers) is exactly a year younger than Maya. Their interests are similar...fantasy worlds of fairies, princesses, little ponies and mermaids! They started the evening dressed in their matching Mexican dresses and as the night continued they had at least 3 other costume changes! The mess they made is proof of the fun they had during the short visit!

Not a good shot...but here we are at 8:30 pm sitting down for dinner...(notice it is still very bright outside, love the summer nights here!)

Guests: Both Bo's parents and mine, Uncle Åke, Bo's 2 brothers + girlfriend, and our guest, Pete from LA. 11 at the table, 2 at the girlies table...I need a bigger dining room table! (& longer table cloths!)
Menu: Reindeer Roast,
Potatoes, Walnut/dried blueberry ruccola salad, broccoli and wild mushroom sauce. Delicious wine as always because my brother-in-law is a wine specialist and has his own shop in Germany! Our cellar is always well stocked! (lucky me & my guests!)

Reindeer as in the Sami reindeer of Lappland...not venison.


Lori S-C said...

but does it taste like chicken?

Carol in Sweden said...

It tastes like beef...only a bit tougher because there is hardly any fat in the meat.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely ADORE those dresses. Too bad I'll never see Karin in one. :( *sigh*

Gilbert said...

what are your 3 favorite wines in the cellar?
Since your bro-n-law is from Deutschland, what are some good German wines? I fancy a different perspective from you guys on the other side of the pond.

Carol in Sweden said...

Ironically enough, my bro-in-law is not fond of German wines although he does stock a few in his store that are worth his support. He has mostly Italian, French, Portuguese, and Spanish wines. I'll find out the names of his recommended German ones and write you later.

Thanks for commenting on my blog! This is so much fun!