Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Curiosity is killing me!

Ok, I admit it....I'm just dying to find out who is MY Stitcher's Angel....all I know is that she is from Iowa, well at least that's where she sent me a card I've done a little strategic searching this week. Although I had looked at many of the Stitcher's Angels weblogs, I had not made it through all of them simply because I kept losing track of where I've been already. So I printed out a list of all the blogs and now I am systematically going through them looking for someone from Iowa! Next to each address I'm making notes so I can go back to certain ones later (before I keep adding a million sites to my bookmarks) I'm on page 3 of my search and still haven't found her! I have 6 pages (double column) to go through in all. Of course, I'd be able to do this faster if I could just click on a blog, read where they are from and click off but.....nnooooooo just can't do that! Some of these sites are amazingly stunning...such interesting lives and beautiful stitching work! Plus I've got to leave a comment now and then. So my search continues for my secret Angel!

Even though mine doesn't have a blog...I wonder if she has found me! Probably next week I'll show you what I'm sending her in Australia!


Brenda said...

Looking at other blogs is interesting and fun. Wow do you have a list to search; have fun.

I received your postcard in the mail today; thank you so much. I really liked the pumpkins!

G'G'ma said...

I'm sitting here laughing...seeing such a look of determination on your face. Maybe you should have been a detective. It will be fun to see if you can figure this out. Are you keeping track of your time?
On second though, maybe you better not!!!
Stop by....I've got a drawing for my 100th post.

Sara said...

I love to find new blogs! But I do hope that you find your stitching Angel. But then again, the element of surprise would be appealing! Let us know some of these great blogs your finding!