Thursday, October 30, 2008

More things from Lesley Ann-Angel!

This morning I re-opened the Stitcher's Angel box from Lesley Ann with Maya....yeah!
Maya was HELLO KITTY happy!
But I have to admit that the Princess comic book was the FAVORITE! And we read it several times during our "pyjamas" day. (whenever we don't have to go anywhere & the weather is crappy...we have a pj day at home...that was today...I think I have failed to mention that this week is "FALL BREAK" for all students and teachers! That's why I'm playing around so much!)
Still reading....later in the day! Thank you so much Lesley Ann! Everything was a hit! And the Halloween card is hanging on the wall with other decorations!
Partially because I'm trying to encourage Maya to dress herself and partially because I've tied SO MANY shoe laces during my 23 years of teaching...I have not bought Maya any shoes with laces! (Is a good thing or a bad thing other Mommies out there?) with the Hello Kitty shoe lace covers from Lesley Ann I made hair decorations...just sewed them onto a scrunchy. Very cute if I say so myself!
Lesley wrote to me on a Longaberger you sell them? When I saw that name I realized that YEARS AND YEARS ago I bought 2 baskets from a teacher at school who was selling them. (must have been circa 1986-87?) At the time I could only afford to buy the cheapest ones she's one of them. They are great quality! I used to keep baby stuff for the changing table in this one...but now I should think of something else to use it for.


DaiseyB said...

Carol - thanks for the post you left on my blog. Isn't Savannah beautiful in that dress? You have an adorable little one yourself.

I have not bought a pair of shoes with shoelaces for my grandson and he is 5. I always buy the velcro.

Brenda said...

I love to have pj days (mine are actually sweats) on the days it rains here in Oregon and I am not going to leave the house! Have a great break.

Holly said...

I just booed you on my site go check and see. Happy Halloween.

Sara said...

Looks like you have been having a great week while on Fall break. I love the stuff from your stitching angel and how great that Maya received some goodies also!