Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Package of Surprises! And to be 30 again......

YES YES of the slips from the postoffice was from my Stitcher's Angel!
and what an ANGEL she is! I'm so very excited about everything in my box....but I'll wait to tell you more tomorrow because I want you to see some photos of all the sweet things she sent to US, yes, us...she included many surprises for Maya, too! So generous and perceptive! It's too dark for decent photos to come out without bleaching the colors of the fabrics with the flash and false lighting so I'll post them tomorrow along with all the sweet details of Lesley Ann's handiwork.

Please stop by Lesley's blog and write her about turning 30! She has a giveaway right now!

Oh how I"d love to be 30 again! (but with my current life....not that I didn't like my life before but now it has my Bo and Maya in it!) I guess...I'd really really like my 30 year old body back! (and I used to think I was fat! lol!)

Tomorrow...I'll also show you what was in postoffice pick-up package # 2!

BTW Sunrise 7:10 am....Sunset 4:38 pm ....The days are getting so short! It's below freezing tonight...frost on the Pumpkin Lady tomorrow!

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Ruth's Place said...

I wasted the best figure of my life thinking I was fat! lol.