Sunday, October 19, 2008

Election excitement! count down is on......

I voted on ballot is in the air in registered mail on its way to the USA! It feels GOOD to participate!
Bring dignity to our country again!
Put our economy back on track!
Bring better health care for ALL citizens!
Support our schools and teachers!
Bring home our troops safely and give them the treatment & respect they deserve once they are home!
Promote sustainable energy!
Work with other nations for the PEACE of ALL people!
YEAH! (I"m not excited about this election, am I?) ;-)


Red Eyes said...

Hello, this is my first time here and I'm looking forward to returning. I hope you will find the time for a counter visit so we can stay connected. I find your blog very interesting and would like to follow it. I also see we share some interests i.e. I see one of your favourite movies is babel, did you like the story, what do you think about it in the way GLOBALISATION is linked to the tower of babel?

Anonymous said...

LOL, I wonder what the election results would be if all US citizens were as excited as you are...?


Gilbert said...

I think the $150k for Sasquatch Palin's wardrobe is not going to play well w/ the ignorant repubican crowd. & Maverick dont call themselves maverick -- that is rather pathetic.