Wednesday, October 22, 2008

October's Fabric Post Cards

Here's a photo of the postcards I sent out for the October Fabric Post Card group. They were actually like mini pot holders so I should have sewn a little hanging hook on them! I've gotten really Halloweeny postcards from Rhonda (left) and Holly (right)....thank you FPC buddies! Maya says "thanks" too! They are NOT for her...I keep saying! ;-)
Marie sent this paper postcard....perfect for my "real" post card collection! Thanks Marie! I'm so sorry but I left you off the mailing for the October cards...somehow I've missed your name, not Brenda's fault but my own as the printer was only set for one page and your name & address was on the second page (where mine is as well). Thanks everyone! I've got to send Brenda a correction in my address for you all. It's missing a "R".
Florida is my home-sweet-home state! My parents still live there....thank goodness, because we get to visit when I go "home" which is usually in the winter time nowadays. I miss it....especially and I mean ESPECIALLY the beaches!!! I would love to hang out all day again with my High School buddies and all their families at the beach like when we were young....yes, even with all the white cellulite hanging out all over the place. swim in warm water!


Gilbert said...

How can anybody not love hangin @ Crescent beach. Sol Y Mar was heaven for me. Lil' beer, Lil wine a Lil luv -- get down tonight. I did not know we had life so good back when we were toddlers.

tprice said...

Wow that brings back alot of memories. It wold be fun to hang out at the beach again. Alot has changed since those days! Enjoying reading your blog.....