Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday's Light

There are a few people who I'm holding in the light at the moment with extra special thoughts each day. I hope they don't mind that I'm putting their photos on my blog but I love them dearly and I want to share their stories and hopes for a healthy future with everyone. (if they don't want their photos here...please let me know asap!)
My beautiful young (45!) friend, Kim, from university days is winning her battle with breast cancer! I think she is so lovely even without her hair (which is growing back nicely) because she always has such a HUGE smile on her face which shows the warmth in her heart! I just know she's going beat this disease! I can't be with her but I send her mental HUGS all the time!
Another cancer fighter is Bo's kind and gentle Uncle Åke....I love this photo of him because usually he's quite reserved and polite. Two years ago we were at his house for the August crayfish party (typical Swedish)...what a joy to hear him SING and joke with all the guests! He's in round two of lung cancer and we hope that this time it will be zapped for good! Because we want to sing with him for many more years to come!
And look at these fun loving people! My cousin, Wendy and her husband Steve are bravely, patiently waiting for new lungs for their son, Stephen in Pittsburgh. He's got cystic fibrosis and new lungs will make him a new man! I don't have a photo of Stephen but he's as goofyfun and good looking as his parents, even when he's so sick. We love you! And think about you EVERYDAY!


Sara said...

Oh, my prayers for all of them!

Brenda said...

I think your photos and words bring them closer and shows what love and devotion you have for them. My thoughts and prayers to everyone. It amazes me how the people who suffer the most always are beautiful and smiling!