Thursday, October 16, 2008

Yuckful fashions

The main purpose of my blog is to POSITIVELY focus on my life's happenings....but there are just some times when I've got to AIR OUT a little negativity, frustration and disgust! And now is one of those times....and I feel like an old bitchy lady for even bringing this up. But....

On the way to my beloved monthly Bookworms meeting I stopped by a mall to do a little shopping and grab a bite to eat before the gathering. Usually I eat at Grafitti Cafe while in a mall here in Sweden because the salads are fresh and tasty (they make them in front of you like the way Subway makes their subs in front of you)...I was really looking forward to a fresh crispy healthy salad until....the guy that was going to make my plate of food turned around to talk to the girl in the kitchen with his hands on his hips, resting them not on his pants but his underwear! Not only could I see his fancy print underwear but I could also see nearly all of his butt crack through the thin fabric of the underdrawers. I lost my appetite. I changed my order to something that didn't require him to touch very much of my food with his bare hands. While he was preparing my dinner, I saw another one of the young workers working on something else, she had to bend over to pick up an item and then she reached back to pull her underwear up because it had started to slip down below her crack line. Oh will I eat this food when the workers have their hands so close to their butts all the time?! Then the girl in charge came out of the kitchen to talk to them least her underwear was inside her pants! But then she crawled through the order window on her hands & knees (over the countertop) instead of using the door....that was it, I threw away my food! Yes, I know those of you who are assertive would have asked for your money back....but I didn't want to sound like an old complaining woman, especially one who can't speak Swedish well. I think I'll write a letter to the company though. Fashion or no fashion....that can't be hygienic!

I think next time I'll eat at a restuarant where I can't see what the people preparing food are wearing! Ignorance is bliss! (although I could still get sick) It's quite an expected thing to see the crack of the plumber while he's fixing pipes but it's all together another thing to see the cracks of the food prep people. What do you think? Am I being a middle-aged grouch?
or have I just wiped one butt too many during the past 8 years!?

And another thing....if you have teenaged kids, do you let them wear those "just outta jail hang-off the butt pants because the cops took away my belt" fashion????

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Helena said...

Det är så fult och ibland faktiskt ganska äckligt! Det går väl an om man ser en bit av kalsongkanten, men när nästan hela rumpan hänger utanför... Såg en kille på Friskis igår som hade gympabyxor som hängde under rumpan, och då menar jag under! Han skulle som väl var inte laga min mat, men han kunde knappast röra sig utan att tappa dem!
Hälsningar från "en gnällig gammal kärring!"