Friday, October 10, 2008

Thursday Swim and Fall

After rushing home from work and the grocery store, I took Maya to her swim class at our local indoor pool. Farmor (Maya's father's mother or my m-i-l) and I admired M's "sliding dive" technique when her lesson was finished. Even though I know perfectly well that M can go up the tall ladder and decide when it is safe to go on the waterslide, I still feel this lurch of panic in my stomach every time I watch her do it. (will she fall, will she get wiped out by another kid, will she get herself back up to the surface once she's off the slide....oh stop the worrying! I say to myself...but I never do!) M's so proud of herself... Maya loves to take a sauna after her shower to warm up her body and she was alone in the room so I took advantage of the photo opportunity. Most days she's in there with a friend or two gabbing about how knows what!
All tuckered out....this kid needs some GATORADE!
A second wind once we got outside....she and Farmor picked pretty leaves to bring home!
I had to stop on our road to take this shot out the car window....I love the fall! Such luscious colors! Such energy in the cool air! Such darkening days.....more time to cozy up inside!
This weekend or next I must start to "put the garden to bed" for the winter. Last trimmings, weedings, and cuttings....then wait for all the leaves to fall for the big rake up!

I"m wondering about the folks south of the equator....How's the spring developing? Are you getting ready for summer? Do you celebrate Halloween in Australia and New Zealand?


Brenda said...

Maya definetly is having fun, what a way to spend an afternoon. The colors of fall are magnificent, thanks for sharing the photos.

Katie said...

Halloween isn't really celebrated here... (in oz) it is treated as a bit of a novelty. No decorations or anything like that. In the past couple of years there have been a couple of knocks on the door from kids dressed up, so I imagine that it will gradually get bigger. As for the weather, spring has sprung! Katie

Sara said...

Maya is so cute and she looked like she had fun swimming! Isn't fall wonderful, with the explosion of all the bright colors! That is a pretty picture of the water!