Sunday, October 5, 2008

Saturday happenings....

While I was digging through my paperwork to find everything I needed to complete my USA income tax file (I did mention in the previous post what a procrastinator I am....being a foreign resident citizen I have a different file date than the Americans living in the USA...I also have a different extension date...Oct. being the procrastinator that I am...this is LAST MINUTE MADNESS!) back to my story. As I was digging a little voice called out to me to turn around...and there standing in the threshold of her bedroom I saw the SATURDAY PRINCESS MAYA! Where she was going and who she was going to marry is still a mystery to me but isn't she LOVELY!!!
Several hours later after my tax papers were collected and noted and faxed to the appropriate places, I allowed myself time to sew in the basement with my wonderful assistant! (still avoiding the work with my students' reports!) To sew my October fabric postcards I decided it was high time to use my cute little applique iron (I've only had it 8 years and have never used it!) Well, who thought the iron was made especially for her?....just guess! She remembered that I had a mini ironing board so she ran upstairs to grab her "wrinkly" Barbie dresses and hankies. We learned that not all Barbie clothes should be ironed and now Mommy has some holes to repair!
Next she had to set up a clothes line to hang up her freshly ironed things....she used her smallest hair clips to do the job! (Please notice the amazing peacock painting she made for me last week!)
So finally between the various moments of assisting Ms. Maya with her ideas...I was able to FINISH my Stitcher's Angel armchair caddy! I like it so much that I'm going to make one for me and perhaps a few for holiday gifts! I'll show you a complete photo after I've sent it to my Angel lady in Australia!
In the early was time for a FAMILY HUG by the fireplace! Not everyone is complete in the photo but you get the idea! Pappa, Mommy, Maya, Basil-the-cat and Pepe-the-dog! (if Maria-the-fish knew what we were doing, she'd probably want to join in too!)

Hope your Sunday has been one of fun!
This evening...I'm really going to get to those 33 reports I have left to do! Honest!

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Rhonda said...

Hi Carol. Tell hubby that I don't need a permit. I live in the country so no one knows what goes on way out for the next part of my broken glass story....stay tuned....tomorrow the new one goes in.....hopefully uneventful.