Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mamma MIA!!!!

If you know the ABBA've got to see Mamma Mia! It's a clever story written to match the lyrics of their most popular songs. This past Sunday, Kelly Sue took me and the girlies to see it (for a belated birthday gift) in Helsingborg. Thanks KS! You're the best!
We had a good laugh before the show because our girls are perfectly spaced apart in age and steps. Caithlin, Maya and little Sophia...and the clothes get handed down that way between our homes. Caithlin's clothes are passed along to Maya, then after Maya is finished with them and some of her own clothes, they go to Sophia. On Sunday we could definitely see this clothes swapping in use!
At the Swedish movie theater....there are booster seats for the kids! YEAH! Everyone can see the screen without squashing Mommy's lap!
Check out these strong girls! Madagascar 2 / 3? Coming soon......
Before we left a dinosaur from Ice Age 3 caught up with Maya....but she wasn't hurt! I can't wait to go to the movies again! That was FUN!

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