Sunday, October 26, 2008

Thursday over night at school!

On Thursday night I spent the night at school with 18 eleven - year olds and their Swedish teacher! What fun we had! (I've blurred out their faces but I wanted you to see how they were matress to matress all over the floor!) These kids had such fancy blow up matresses with their sleeping bags. In the USA this would most likely never happen...too much worry over law suits!! (Those spoil a lot of fun, I can tell you! Those fears and lawsuits restrict so much creativity! ) Anyway..... we (the teachers) put on a mini play for the students about being observant in situations and not jumping to conclusions. (I acted out the part of the "bad" kid that everyone wants to blame.) Then we played hide and seek on the school yard with our flashlights! Dinner of pizza, salad and soda....then a 'clue walk' through the basement of the school (with flash lights). Finally, a Disney movie and sleep time (they finally settled down at about 12:30 am). We teachers slept in the hallway so that we could keep our ears open for any problems....none happened, just a lot of talking! Still, I was exhausted the next day getting up at 7 am for packing up and breakfast then I met with another 6 parents for "development talks" throughout the day! whew! These 'cozy' activities really bring the class together as a group and I'm so glad to have the opportunity to be a part of them even though I am not the main teacher. It's something I love about working in Sweden....

Friday afternoon I met my family for our own cozy time at the summer house....we played games and I took a long much needed nap then Bo made dinner for us! Saturday morning Maya helped me plan a sewing project for a fun Christmas present for her grandmothers....I'm using the arm chair caddy idea from Hugs and Kisses but with our own designs...later I'll show them off! We "put away the garden" at the summer house so it's ready for winter weather. And the darkness is closing in on us.....time for candles every day!

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