Wednesday, October 29, 2008

One pooped out pumpkin lady

Today was for pumpkins!
A friend of Maya's spent the night (lot of fun, of course) ....and since I was having two English students over I decided to just take everything off the table and carve pumpkins with the four kids together. (ages 11, 10 , 9, and 6...a good group) First I told them a few Halloween flannel board stories to get in the mood...then they each used those special pumpkin carving knives to make their own little Jack O'Lanterns. What a slippery mess but very satisfied kids! This whole Halloween thing is rather new in Sweden, especially out here in the countryside! It was the first time the boys had ever carved a pumpkin! After the students left, Maya and Caithlin decided to make our annual "Pumpkin Lady" after lunch....this took much longer because they wanted to make something I remember calling "shrinky-dinks" (you color on plastic sheets and shrink them in the oven)...finally after some other stalling about we finished the PUMPKIN LADY by the old garden shed. She's filled with very wet leaves...being outside these days is just wet and cold but gives me a fresh and energetic feeling! Maybe tomorrow I'll be available to "put away" the garden with my fresh energy! lol
Here's her close up! She reminds me of ME....a round and happy face with a slouchy, poofy body!
Got another FPC....from Brenda! My necklace thought that Oregon Ghost was very cute! ;-)
Got two slips from the postoffice today to pick up packages!!! Maybe it's from my Stitcher's Angel! ? Will let you know later......


Brenda said...

Oh to have youngsters around and carving pumpkins, making "scarecrows" and just having fun! Your necklace does look extremelly happy to have a "BOO" friend; glad you enjoyed. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun! Love the pumpkin lady :-)