Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Back to my normal life...

I slept well last night and didn't wake up early with an anxiety attack this morning! Maybe it was the pain killer I took before going to bed and again in the wee hours of the morning...or maybe it was the little Guatemalan worry dolls that were inside my pillow case for the first time! Thank you Kelly Sue for giving them to me! Maya told me some of the worries to put inside and I did the rest. This will be a new ritual for us. With all the questions the doctors had about my routines, pains and body functions (especially poop), I decided that I must keep a daily journal about:
• what goes in and out of my body
• how much I weigh
• how body and mind feel
• and for my happy feeling- who I talked to that day over the phone

I have received and bought many different journals over the years, and use them for documenting trip adventures & other things in my I looked through what I had and decided on this one from my best California buddy, Betsy. (Thank you, Bets) The sea turtle is an elegant creature who is traveling far in her life time, coming home to her favorite beach, and LIVING a LONG LIFE! Having many things in common with this tough shell swimmer, I thought this would be the most appropriate journal to use for this new adventure in my life!

Now....back to my regular life of crafts and bathroom renovating (which is STILL going on!)....

Karen in Australia sent me this packet with a kitty fat quarter and some real Aussie cloth with the Kukurrabird (I have to check the spelling!) and a nice note! Thanks Karen!
I sent Karen kitty fabric, too! (see below)
These are the fabric post cards I made to send out for February to my Fabric Post Card Swap group....which now has an official name of POSTY PALS! I really enjoyed making this style...some of that ric rac and lace is ancient! (or at least from the 60-70's)
Yesterday, while laying on my back on the couch, I finished another armchair will go to a special Stitcher's Angel in the USA. This is the 4th I've made of this pattern and I'm getting pretty good at it! Next one will be for a friend's 50th birthday and I'll use Maya's drawings for the embrodiery. Hopefully, I'll be able to do some needlework while I'm in the chemo chair! And I'll probably get pretty good at stitching while on my back! Who knows?
This is from's too cold for a real beach picnic but Maya and I had one anyway in our "Florida room" (a glassed in porch). When we play Barbies together she is only one character...Tuti (with the green and white dress on- it is one of my old ones) but I am ALL the rest! Keeps me busy remembering which voices I do for each one and remembering all the names! What simple entertainment it is...we have a lot of good fantasy together! I can imagine that this might be a good way to work out some of her feelings about my illness as time goes by. Maybe the Barbie mommy can also be sick! but I'm not sure I want to cut off all her hair! Hey--Mattel...make a chemotherapy Barbie!
Now back to the bathroom renovation....we did a "mock" up the other day (before I knew I was ill) and this is what it looked like. The counter top will be over all the cabinets, of course! and the whole thing will be higher up on its legs, the hanging cabinet be on the wall next to a large mirror with lights and the sink will be level with the tiles of the counter top.
Check out this WILD sink! We love it! Handpainted from Mexico...
Little Miss Crafty girl made up all her Easter gifts which we'll send out this week! (Notice her dolls watching her every move!)
I forgot to mention something in my last the weight is falling off and my face is getting wrinklier...Bo said to me that I needed to keep my face active! Then we burst into laughs as he demonstrated what he meant...sort of, Mr. Bean facial excersises! I'm afraid that would stretch the skin even further apart, that actor has a rubber face!...hum....and what about my's starting to look like an empty sack of potatoes! sexy! I might be thinner for the summer but there's NO WAY I'll be wearing a bikini!

We are hoping that Pamela, the oncologist, will be calling us today!

I'm ready for HOPE AND GLORY...FIGHT for my life...this will be the battle I will WIN! (if you click on the link...ignore those ridiculous women dancing behind him...the words are great for me!)

I believe so many of the Melodifestival songs were meant for ME this year! MOVING ON by Sarah Dawn Finer is another one! For those of you not in Europe...I'm referring to the Eurovision Song Contest that happens every year. Sweden just had their final selection to send to the main event which is in May, I think. I love the person who won to represent Sweden this year, I saw her live in Dalarna summer 2008 (fantastic!)....and her song is quite unique! Malena...La Voix


Amanda said...

What a BRILLIANT sink, I love it. Your bathroom is going to look so terrific. I do my 'faceobics' in the shower each morning, I'm convinced that they help to prevent gravity getting the better of me! We always enjoy the Eurovision Song Contest too, even though no-one likes the UK enough these days to vote for us! It won't be the same this year though, without Terry Wogan commentating. But Graham Norton should be fun. Do your commentators take it seriously, or gently send it up?

Helene M Mikell said...

absolutely gorgeous of the prettiest I've ever seen. Your bathroom will be superb! Praying hope and glory for you!

lizardek said...

That sink is BEAUTIFUL! We love Malena around here, too. I racked up quite a phone bill that evening, I suspect :)

Kelly Sue said...

Okay Carol. Here is another poopie song (courtesy of my friend JJ)
( to the tune of the hokey pokey). "you pull your panties down, you pull the outty out, You sit your tushy down, and you push the poopy out. You do the tushy pushy till the poop is in the pot. And that what it all about." Then repeat. hee hee Just couldn't resist sending it to you.
Love you!

Sandi said...

I was wondering how the bathroom reno was going. And wow, your new sink is absolutely gorgeous! The bathroom is going to be fantastic!