Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'd rather laugh!

You wouldn't believe how much we laughed yesterday at my house!

Hurts to laugh...but it feels SO GOOD! It all started with a little animal abuse!
(no one was hurt or in danger)
Basil (cat), Pepe (dog) and Maya all got to try on the mask from New Orleans....

Then Maya changed the words to several of the Melodifestival
songs to accommodate my aches and needs....
"Moving On
Passing through the poop
yes, I'm moving it along....and it feels so good!"

She cracks me up!
Please, I hope she doesn't sing this at school!

I've been contemplating a few things...hang with me here...
it may be odd humor but we have been laughing about it!
Afterall, I'd rather laugh....
• over the last few weeks I've had such a difficult time with my bowels as a result I've been rather gasy. One day while being crafty with Maya, a string of small quick farts escaped my body, we looked at each other and laughed. "Excuse me" I said and Maya replied "It was a FART TRAIN." Too funny....

• for the past 20 years I've had long hair of various lengths but for the last few years I've been fantasizing about a shorter, cuter cut. With my round face and double chin, I've just been too scared to try it. I suppose that soon I will have the opportunity to try out some new styles--what fun! That ought to give me and my family a few hearty laughs! Punk woman! Bed head black! A pink mohawk...oh, cool!

• the kilos are melting off my body at a steady rate now...with no effort on my part at all. I've got lots to spare so it shouldn't be a concern for awhile. This is something I've been looking forward to and have a closet full of clothes ready to use in deceding sizes saved from slim body 30's! Although I'm worried...what if the weight comes off of the wrong parts...for those of you who know me in person...wouldn't it be just comic irony that I'll be left with my ample rear end!? (the internal cause of my cancer! grrrr.....) Do you think I could request liposuction "therapy"?

• speaking of weight loss....a year ago I lost 10 kilos with the help of the Weight Watchers program...I had managed to keep it off for a year but had stopped going to WW due to lack of time flexibility (the courses are in another village). Bo mentioned that too bad I still wasn't with them or I could be their STAR LOSER of the year and maybe get many benefits for doing advertizing! ha ha

• when I broke my shocking news to one of my friends over the phone, she cried and cried, a very sensitive, delicate person who I love dearly and have learned so much from over the years of knowing her. She said to me very sincerely, that she would like to give me her liver because she has no reason to have hers as her life isn't as important as mine. She is such a giving person that at times it can be too overwhelming! With her comment in my mind later in the day, I burst out laughing as I imagined the police finding a dead accident victim with a beautifully written note pinned to her chest: "My liver is for CAROL!"

• all this talk of Botox on the TV, magazines, and staff room...told one of my colleagues that I have no need of expensive (and frankly, creepy) Botox because I have good old natural FAT! Most people guess my age to be less than what it is because the wrinkles don't show....so now, well, not that I'd go for botox....but I'm going to look more my age! (which, by the way, is still YOUNG!)

• and one more thing about this potential hair loss....does it JUST come off your head? I was thinking about this while deciding whether or not to pluck my eyebrows...they are really out of hand (wish my esteemed colleague May would come and do them for me...hers are beautiful!)..anyway, should I bother? if they are going to fall out anyway, why waste my time!?
Then there's the whole leg hair situation...I'll admit it here on this totally open public place, I don't shave my legs ALL winter! What's the point? I only wear pants or leggings! Bo could care less about my leg hair. So, at the hospital, there I was half naked and horrible white hairy legs exposed to the world! I suppose they have seen much worse....ha! So, does the leg hair fall out too? That would be nice, especially in time for summer shorts! (My friend Maria would have had a whole waxing and pedicure treatment before going into the hospital! ;-) Then, Bo and I had observed that his Uncle (who is still battling his lung cancer) had lost the hair on his head but not his face. Oh great...so I might lose my eyebrows but not my whiskers! Come on....give me a break! Actually, I decided I don't want to lose my nose hairs, although they can grow over their limit sometimes, I like that they are useful! No Nose hair goes!

• as my hubby and I were cuddling together yesterday morning, he commented how much he loved my body with all its lumps and bumps, I got to giggling and said isn't it good that I don't have breast cancer because I don't think you can request sagging, lopsided, middle aged boobies, only perky perfect ones!

• speaking of middle age....my cancer BEATER college friend, Kim, told me that the chemotherapy hastened the menopause process in her body so now that the cancer is gone, she has to deal with hot flashes and all the rest of that stuff! Oh great! Well, I'm happy today that my period started (as if I didn't have enough abdominal pain!) ....means that everything in that department is functioning as it should for now at least! YEAH!

Not the regular dinner table talk....
Maya, Bo and I came up with alittle ditty last night for me to say to myself...

"I'm going to throw up with dignity!
I'm going to put on my diapers with pleasure!
And I'm going to wear my wig with attitude!"

I'd rather LAUGH!

Wouldn't you?!


Amanda said...

Oh Carol, please imagine me smiling broadly at this time. How can you not win with your wonderfully positive pragmatic attitude and your brilliant family and friends. You should print a copy of this post and keep in your handbag to read again and again if things get a bit tough, it will be bound to cheer you up.

Paula Dolder said...


To o' the mornin' to ya'!

First, I hope I figured this out correctly. I've never used Facebook....

This is Paula Dolder - a total blast from the past. We played soccer together in High School. I was a year behind you.

Karyn Austin and I found each other again after her move back to G'ville. (Yes, I'm one of those that never left. Ug!) Her beautiful, smart daughter is in PK with my youngest son (also beautiful and smart).

Anyway, Karyn told me of your battle and I wanted to offer my sincere wishes. I've been reading your blog and you seem to have kicked the snot out of the depression stage. (I would have said "kicked the crap out of", but I thought the pun was a bit much AND Maya might read this. Maya - if you're reading this, Ms. Paula is an example of what we don't say.

I should feel awful after reading your story. But, I hate to say, I'm actually feeling renewed. You're positive attitude is contagious! I look forward to reading your updates and reestablishing a friendship.

Thinking of you fondly, Paula :)

holly said...

You go girl. That is the attitude to have. It sounds like you have a wonderful support system at home. Tell Maya to keep mommy laughing.

may said...

Carol! I don't want to ruin your dreams and fantasies of getting a cool haircut cause my friend's hair didn't fall out!! Not one, I have no idea why in spite of all those chemo sessions!

Anonymous said...

Thats a'girl. Loved this post...here is my experience.

Hair fell out...all of it, everywhere. I never used an eyebrow pencil until then. I marvelled at how I could change my expression just by sneezing when applying my eyebrows!! I lived alone though so the wig stayed on its head at all times while at home. I loved not having to wash my hair or to try to "do" something with it in the morning.

vomit with dignity...I like that. I perfected it so if you need any hints just ask. I used to have to exit the subway to vomit in a trash can and then get back on with the next train. No taxi would take me and in 1993 the hospitals didn't have the hospitality buses...I always wondered what i missed on that bus (do you think they had barf bags??).

Laugh at it all - cancer hates you to be happy.


mbduke said...

Calling all friends and family of Carol. I want to throw a "Postcard Party" for Carol. If you can send her a postcard every week or every month or whenever you think about it, she will have something to read while getting chemo or too tired for the computer. Send her words of encouragement or tell her what you're up to, anything goes. When this is all over, she will have a collection of "cancer cards." Sorry, I can't publish her address, but I'm sure many of you already have it. **@@##Carol, please mention this comment in your next post for those readers who don't always read comments, or better yet, copy and past the comment into your next post.**@@##

Mia said...

Hej Carol!

Fantastiskt att läsa din blogg. Jag hade ju inte förväntat mig ett gott skratt. Jag måste säga att jag beundrar dig verkligen för din positiva inställning. Härligt!

Lev i nuet och fortsätt skratta. Med din inställning så klarar du det här!

Vi saknar dig på jobbet och tänker på dig mycket!

Många kramar, Mia

Brenda said...


You are such an incredible woman! You just keep on sticking with the attitude you have and know that we are right there holding your hand.

I love you and my thoughts and prayers are being sent to give you the strength and courage to continue your fight, that you are going to win!

Sandi said...

Hi Carol,
This morning, whilst checking up on friend's blogs, thought I'd pop in and see 'what's happening with Carol' (as you do). Started reading, (cat in mask, rather funny), oh, 'a fart train' hehe, good one!, new hairdo - great!, weight loss, yeah!, shocking news? what? better scroll down a bit.

Oh no!!!!
At that moment I wanted to reach through the computer screen and give you a big hug!
Thinking of you, my friend. We are all here for you.

Sandi said...

Oh yeah, the 'postcard party' sounds like a great idea. Carol, if you would like to email me your address, I'll send a postcard from sunny? queensland.

tprice said...

We have got you covered in prayer home here in Gainesville. Your positve attitude is inspiring! I know you are going to beat this!


Marie said...

Carol I am still laughing at your sense of humor your so great I know your gonna beat this thing. All your Fl. friends are pulling for you my friend!
Hugs and prayers, Marie