Tuesday, March 24, 2009

In a holding pattern....

Embarrassing as it is...here is the FIRST photo I took with my new camera! Luckily, the camera did not break!
(do NOT click on the image to see a larger version until Halloween!)
My brother, Tom, sent me this HEALTHY JUICER to make my own WheatGrass Drinks...and other nutritional drinks for my struggling body. Dad (what a clown!) put it together yesterday and we had fun experimenting with it...making a lot of mess in the process ...we had the collection tray on the wrong part at first and all the precious juice went all over the floor! (Pepe the dog didn't like it, he said he eats enough grass from the garden.)
Dad made a special trip to town to get a different variety of veggies to use in the juicer! He had a good mixture with a bit of grapes for sweetness. It was quite yummy and boy, it make things MOVE inside me...not in an uncomfortable way but a really good way! Maya and Dad will plant the wheat grass seeds tomorrow and then I'll be able to start drinking that valuable oxygen! (Cancer doesn't like oxygen.) Along with the milk thistle extract, I actually feel a little better these last two days. (maybe it's in my mind....but....if my mind is happy, my body feels happy!)
While my Dad and I played with the juicer...Mom and Maya were having their own fun unraveling some gorgeous 'fabric yarn' she is going to knit with in her spare time.
Maya danced around unspinning this material...should have used the video function on the camera but I was a little lazy. I have some playing around to do with the camera and reading some of the instructions so that my photos will be a bit better!
We are in a holding pattern here as far as the treatment goes....the waiting is hard but the days seem to go by rather fast despite the fact I'm not doing hardly anything all day long. A rather sudden change in my life style...I used to complain I never had time for anything...now I have the time but not the energy. There's a lesson in that....

The important question they are researching before starting treatment is...where is the source of the cancer. Where did it start growing from....my anal canal or my rectum? In any case....it's all a PAIN IN THE ASS to me!

The receptionist for the cancer department at the Helsingborg Hospital called me back today (I called her yesterday with some requests and questions).

1- the phosphoral ( a top down cleansing for test preparation that Nurse Kelly Sue had recommended) is NOT recommended for me in my condition. It's too strong according to the doctor. So I must use the bottom-up cleansing for my appointment on Thursday. (SCREAM) She gave me the name of suave we can buy at the pharmacy to numb my bum before Bo administers the torture to me. She also said that I only have to do it once before going to them instead of twice. Praise the BUTT GODS!

2- she could not find out about the appointment I was supposed to have with the nutritionist...but said that I will probably get that information on Thursday. (I will stalk them until I get the information!) Although I feel my brother, my husband, and my personal nurse: Kelly Sue have me on the right track with the wheat grass and the milk thistle...and the iron tablets from the doc...but I know there is more to it than that. I will say that my weight is stablizing now at 5 kilos less than I was 2 weeks ago. It was pretty scary there when I was losing 1 kilo a day. (for you metrically challenged that means 2.2 pounds = 1 kilo)

If you look at my photo, you'll probably think..."Hey Lady, you could lose a lot more kilos"...but THIS is not the way to do it...not before I need my strength for the FIGHT!

Well...that's all for now folks! The adults in our house are going to watch a funny movie that my dear brother gave to us! Tell you which one later....(Best of Show)

Thanks for all your messages, thoughts and prayers! Love you ALL!


lizardek said...

Carol, you are such an inspiration :) HUGS TO YOU MY FRIEND!

Lori S-C said...

hugs and love...thanks for the update!


Neitha said...

Hi Carol,

I'm glad to read that your spirits are up and the days are flying by. Keep posting, I go in a few times a day to check.....but when there is nothing to read, I take that as a good sign.

Babe Free said...

OMG!! That "pain in the ass" comment is the Carol i remember!! Too darn funny! I mean, heck, ya still gotta LAUGH right??? LOL!! I have been thinking of you a LOT and added you to my church's prayer list -- i know it works!! Love ya girl!
Babe Free

Kelly Sue said...

Oh man, I wish I had been there when you and your dad were putting the juicer together. I can just see the 2 of you now!
Love to all.