Sunday, March 29, 2009

WISPS finished for March Challenge

For my end of the month report to May Britt and Kris at is what I finished in the month of March for the Challenge....and boy, was it a challenge to accomplish something this month! The month that has changed my entire life! Above...the Work in Slow Progress (wisp) how I left it off sometime in the 1990's.....and below, 3 of the 4 little Easter baskets that I will be sending off to new homes this week for the Easter Swap and Angel Swap. I'll keep one for Maya and another friend. Finally...I finished the twin girl baby quilt...started in 1996! Below you can see why I didn't machine quilt the baby quilts...the batting is just too fluffy for my machine, even with the walking foot on it. So I just hand tied the quilts together rather than properly quilting them. My mom and Maya are often head to head like this working on a puzzle together. So sweet. I'm so grateful they are here to help us. Their presence takes so much stress off of me to be super mom and super housewoman. I can rest, cry, sleep and be as I need without worrying about all the other stuff. And between naps I have managed to get some normal things done...laundry, sewing, cleaning, letter writing...etc. Playing with Maya everyday is a TOP PRIORITY, too. She likes paper dolls and I took out my old ones to share with her...she was especially pleased with the Mary Poppins set! We've been playing together with them this morning.

Now we'll have lunch then drive down to my friend Liz to donate 2 boxes of English materials to the American Women's Club media sale. Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend this year but at least I can contribute stuff! Always feels good to get rid of stuff!
My friend sent me this video clip....I'd love to present it to Dr. Blue Lagoon and Dr. Soft Swede .....Come on....Laugh with me!

Colorectal Surgeon Song


Kelly Sue said...

Good for you!! Enjoy your day!

chrisi said...

a good day chris

Anonymous said...

Åhh, vad skönt att höra att din dag varit bra. Det varma härliga vädret gör säkert sitt därtill.
HÅll modet uppe!

mbduke said...

What a great video clip. A great pick-me-up when you're feeling down. How do they come up with this stuff? Loved the picture of your mom and Maya doing the puzzle. The Grandparent, grandchild bond is so special.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Hi, just calling over from may britt's blog to say hello, and that you are in my prayers...such a lot accomplished, well done!! Does maya like mail...and perhaps her mother?? I have some little Australian books she may like to look at with her family, drop me a line, Love Tracey

Neitha said...

I'm sorry Carol but I just don't think that quilt is going to fit the twin it was meant for! Did you mean teenage quilt, 1996, that person must be 13 by now?! Ha Ha!

Anonymous said...

Good work! It feels great to get stuff done, especially when they have been "in progress" for a number of years.

I am from Montreal and love Bowser and Blue!! I enjoyed the song and am relieved you are keeping up your sense of humour! I have a stress test for my heart tomorrow - maybe I should do a search and see if they have done one for when they make me collapse off the back of the treadmill and then let me "rest" in a chemo chair in the oncology unit....


Carol in Sweden said...

NEITHA---you'd have to read my old blog posts to find out who will now receive the baby quilt! You are right the 13 year old that it was orginally intended for wouldn't even want it for her dolls!

It's good babies keep coming!