Saturday, March 28, 2009

Very tired on Friday

I guess I was rather exhausted from yesterday's events at the hospital....and a little episode of Maya running away to the neighbor's without telling anyone. My usual peppy morning time was not....and I rested on the sofa most of it. By the afternoon I felt better and took a walk with Mom and Pepe the dog...but we went too far and I nearly didn't make it back home upright. Need to pace myself better!

Surprises in the mail again! ....Kisses, Hugs and Reese's peanutbutter eggs from my cousin Linda! I was so surprised I cried! She lives in Hersey, Pa so that was the obvious gift to send me! YUMMY! THANK YOU LINDA!
So far every one of the Protein drinks that I have tried, I like....this will be a tough decision to choose the favorites! Maybe they'll allow me to have a bit of all of them! variety is good!

Wheat grass is starting to sprout....

Will post more tomorrow if I'm up for it.


lizardek said...

Calling you today :) Is Bo going to bring the book boxes?

Anonymous said...


Sheryl(Katz)Goldenberg said...

My mother who now lives in Pa sends her best wishes. I'm very glad that you are sharing what is going on with you. I live in Pa with my husband Art and two children. Holli,who is 16 is a Sophomore in high school and Rachel who is 13 and in 7th grade. I'm sorry that it took your situation to get in touch with you!
Take Care!

Sara said...

Glad to hear you are feeling okay. I am sure you have good and bad days. Just take care of yourself and keep us updated!